In the 11th day of Christmas Cindy gave to me...

It's the 11th day already!!! I wish there were the 24 days of Christmas... or maybe the 31 days? That would be great, 31 ornaments to open ;)

This time I received my last ornament. I say my last because tomorrow is my turn and the end of this swap :( The number 11 was Cindy Forrester, and she send me this:

It was round and heavy... what could it be? An ornament of course! A traditional ornament turned into a beautiful, one of a kind one. I think it's covered with paper and beeswax. And it has all those rusty things hanging I just love it. I've loved this swap since the first day and I can't wait to do it again. Thanks a lot Cindy!!!

Tomorrow I'll show you what I did. I got to keep one for myself :)


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