We sent convos to the sellers on Etsy and they have responded WONDERFULLY to our requests. They took their listings down and sent me some information that could be useful to track the responsible for this theft. It so happens that the Etsy sellers purchased the counterfeit notebooks at bookstores and markets in China, they tough they were purchasing licensed products and were unaware that it was a Copyright Violation, I really cannot blame them for that, and when informed they removed their listings.... THANKS!!!

The website and phone number listed on the notebooks appear to be fake.... but at least people is being made aware that someone is stealing work from artists and selling it without permission.

We'll see how this unfolds.... Keep an eye open, your work may be out there too!

Mr. Danita.


Artfulife said…
How crazy!
Lisa said…
Though it's sad that they were copied in the first place, it's pretty cool that they took their listings down and were upfront about it. I do wonder about listing something on a site that is so obviously about handmade but at least they did the right thing.

The same thing happened to this woman.
It's great that it's down but I agree, Etsy is about handmade items, sold by the artist....correct?

They're basically listing something that is 'made in china' and selling it on Etsy and I still think they should be stopped.

I look forward to hearing more about this. It's just awful!
Heather said…
That is awesome news! Im sort of wondering why they were listing items they bought in China on a handmade site, but anyhow...

Good luck with your search!~
Queerly Yours said…
YAY! At least its a step in the right direction. I had hoped the etsy people would be responsive! Best of luck tracking the manufacturer.
vivian said…
Isnt that something!! I'm glad the people who posted them responded so well, though. They probably felt really bad.
Danita Art said…
I think they can sell them because they're under "Supplies" not in the handmade section...
Yve said…
I have reported a seller to etsy before for selling notebooks that were mass produced in China and they did remove them as Notebooks like this are standard stationery and have no real use as basic materials to make crafts from... if they allowed them then basically people could just sell absolutely anything and list it as supplies! Glad you got it sorted out though :o)
Oh, I'm sorry about all this subject!! I'm glad to read that the sellers have responded so well. I'll keep my eyes open!
Good luck!
Boy! I "do" sympathize with you. It's happened to me too. I am glad etsy worked well with you on this. I have been in the "biz" over 20 years and I know many who have been stolen from, but a law suit is so costly, and the laws do not protect you. It's a chance we take by exposing our art. I hope it never happens to you again, but it is good you are keeping an eye out. Try not to let it eat at you, your very talented.
laurie meseroll said…
Oh nice! To add insult to injury it was made in China?!!!

This is a well written post about copyrights etc
Danita Art said…
Oh yes they are mass produced. They basically saved my images, modified them in photoshop to make them fit to the notebook formats and then signed them as theirs... :(

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