Happy 4th of July!!!

Enjoy your weekend!


GlorV1 said…
Same to you Danita. That's a great picture. Happy Fourth of July!
vivian said…
same to you! wow.. thats a big cotton candy! I'll be having some of that tonight for the fireworks, only hopefully in pink!
have a fun day!
Lenae May said…
Happy Freedom Day to you, Danita! I love all your new work...fabulous!
Oh my! That's a sugar rush if i've ever seen one!
Happy 4th to you and your family.
Queerly Yours said…
Now that is an awesome cotton candy! SWEET! LOL have a great day!
Priti Lisa said…
A baby couldn't be sweeter, Danita. Of all of your beautiful art, she is the most! Lisa
Unknown said…
I is that you as a kid or your daughter YUmmmy!!!
Danita Art said…
Hahaha I know!!! It's a HUGE cotton candy! Good thing she doesn't eat it all or she would still have sugar crush :P

She's my daughter Julie :)

Thanks so much Lisa, I think the same as you. She's my masterpiece!
Tracee said…
Holy Cow that is some cotton candy!

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