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It's Mr. Danita.... Danita is still foaming and the mouth because we found out that someone is using her images in small notebooks and she asked me to write a post to warn everyone about counterfeit items. (She's afraid that all she can write now is swearing and curse words)

They are signed by "Doris' Garden"... Even had the nerve to change her signature!

So far, we've only found notebooks, but who knows what else is out there now. If you see more of these knockoff items, please let us know so we can report them and hopefully do something about it. They are being sold on Etsy and they started appearing today, we got the tip from a good Samaritan at Etsy.

We want to remind everyone that we are a small operation and we do not mass produce our items... We love handmade and that is reflected in our products.... Danita just asked me to ask you to support your independent artists =)

Please remember that our ONLY Official venues are:

Etsy, as danitashop (Prints, Originals, Jewelry and Handmade items)
eBay as (Prints and originals)
PFATT Marketplace (Originals)
Windlewood (Originals)
Poppytalk Handmade (Prints & Originals)
Stampington's Artist Emporium (Originals)

And you may find her stuff also at:

Boutique Nana on Finland (Jewelry)
Birdie Design Studios In Californa (ACEO's)

Here's a few examples of what we've found so far:

Unfortunately, from now on, all the images released will be watermarked to prevent any more theft.... or at least not encourage it >=( .... Danita's Fellow Artists, check out places where your art may be sold, I hope your art has not been stolen and someone is pulling the same trick on you.

If you see something, shoot us an eMail so we can be on top of it.... Thanks in advance!


Liz said…
oh my goodness, danita!!! this is horrible! i would be livid as well!!! good for you for talking about it on your blog... i hope etsy removed her immediately..

Raven said…

So sorry to hear that this has happened to you, Danita!

I recently alerted another artist when I found her work on someone else's site as well. Seems like this sort of thing is getting more and more common.

All we can do is look out for fellow artists. With many eyes all over the world, we can try to stop as many copy cats as we can.

Kolleen said…
i am SO sorry you are having to deal with's a shame! As artists...or as I am...trying to be an artist ;)...we pride ourselves in our originality and the experiences within our lives that help transcend into our artwork. It is so shameful that someone has to be a thief of your amazing work and talent. And I think it would be okay for you to get on here and cuss and say whatever you need's your forum!!!
THIS IS DISGUSTING. I can't believe someone would have the nerve to do this. I will keep my eyes peeled for these cheap imitations.

Nolwenn said…
I still don't understand people who do that to others' work.

I hope you'll make this person stop. Luckily, you were aware of this really soon.
Anonymous said…
Oh Danita I am so sorry and sick to hear about this! This is just wrong. Your art is awesome...shame on whoever is doing this. I just wanted to let you know that I (and probably several others) are behind you 100% and would NEVER support a copycat. {{{HUGS}}}
Anonymous said…
It's terrible!!! I give you all my support!
Adriana Whitney said…
I can't believe people can be so shameless! I am sorry this happened to you. I will let you know if I see something.
horrid! I'm so sorry dear! You should not have to waste your energy on this!
I don't know how I would even respond to this! How great that someone alerted you!
Unknown said…
That's just incredible!!
laurie meseroll said…
Danita, I found out about this through another artist--this is a really difficult situation for you and we should all be aware that even larger companies can swoop down on our images and do totally uncool stuff like this. Please email me if you need any help. You're doing great--DO NOT LET THIS GET YOU DOWN!!!--laurie meseroll
Yve said…
I feel so bad for you, it's unbelievable that people think they can get away with that sort of blatant fraud! It's just sad that as Etsy gets bigger there will be more of this :o(
Anne-Julie said…
Dear Danita, from my experience, I can tell you that most of the time those people selling your work without your permission are, first of all, customers from your Etsy shop.

I had to deal with similar problems several times already, seeing my work printing on notebooks, mugs, housewares, prints I never released, and such. Most of the time, it was from people from Brazil. I do not want to blame anyone in particular, just that from what I experienced, it was Brazilian people. Copy is not much a problem in their country, they do not have the same spirit than us on the subject. The biggest problem I got is with a customer who bought not less than 12 prints, telling me it was Christmas presents, and finally, they ended up being reproduced, mass-produced and sold in Brazil.

I'm so sorry this happened to you too :( good luck for the fight and if I can do anything for you, just drop me an email!
vivian said…
wow.. thats too bad! I cant believe how decietful some people are! Id be ticked off too.
did the person respond to you?
Flor Larios Art said…
Que parece increible que la gente sea asi...que bueno que lo encontraste y si yo veo algo tuyo por ahi te aviso enseguida. yenes toda la razon de estar furioso...yo me sentiria igual.
Un abrazo.
Absolutely insane!! I'm sooooo sorry to read this Danita! Your stuff is so recognizeable. If I see anything I will be sure to let you know. Now I need to go watermark!
Queerly Yours said…
OH! It's an artists worst nightmare! I will certainly keep an eye out. Best of luck resolving this problem. I hope that etsy will help have by removing the fake product and barring the seller from selling!
andrea creates said…
I'm so sorry to hear this.That's terrible.
Lenae May said…
HOW TERRIBLE!!!! Did you report her to Etsy? She should be approached by the venue she's going through about stolen images. It IS illegal!
Diane Duda said…
So sorry this happened. And, wow, how blatant!
It really does make you sooo angry when this happens because your artwork is such a personal thing.

I try to keep an eye out for not only my stuff but the work of my online friends and let them know when I see this going on.
Hope you get this resolved.
Yasmin said…
I feel a lot for the that this happening with Danita those you copy shameless it has to be banished.
Unhappily in the artists we are subject to that dirt type are stolen daily and little will manage to do to competent authorities take not some makes arrangements against the piracy.
but there is something that they cannot do and to steal our creativity and the capacity that we have in ourselves of we create and we recreate everyday.
That is a talent of God and nobody can steal us.
Hugs Danita and my more sincere support.

grittyjane said…
That SUCKS! I'll spread the news over at my blog too. Hang in there sister.
UUUUUUUUUHGGGGGG This makes me soooo angry.. Do all you can to protect yourself, watermark EVERYTHING! I am going to make a post on my blog about this to notify my readers!!!!!!! I hope you catch the scum of the Earth who is doing this. We all work too hard to be riped off by such a SCUM BAG (excuse my language)..

Smooches Steph
Sherry said…
That is blatant theft...can't even be explained away as someone "not realizing". And they did this on etsy and didn't think anyone else would notice?!?! Not a very bright thief!!

Sorry this has's a good reminder for everyone else to be aware of this type of theft.
granmamimi said…
Can this be reported to ETSY?
I had the name of a site that you can also report this to in able to get the more publicity.
I will need to look it up!
Doreen Frost said…
Oh Danita..I'm so sorry ..i know from personal experience how hard this is.

Best wishes,
Anonymous said…
Don't worry Danita... karma will kick in soon enough. You are an original. Your art is one-of-a-kind!
tascha said…
OMG! How awful!
I had this happen to me too, they were taking my paintings and printing out the image and making magnets out of them and selling them on ebay,
It is totally upsetting!
Tracy M. said…
I cannot believe people actually have the nerve to do this! I hope they get kicked off Etsy. Good luck to you,
Tracy M.
So sorry Danita! You have my support as well and I really hope this can get resolved quickly!!
audrey said…
This is downright thievery! You are fortunate to have so many followers who love your work and will be able to spot a "RAT" when they see one! I will keep a lookout as well.
Keep your chin up, Danita. This, too, will pass and they will pay their due!!
Janine said…
So sorry this is happening to you!

Can't Etsy shut her down?
Anonymous said…
I can only speak for myself in saying "how much I love Danita's art and how very much it has inspired me...sure I will admit, I have ATTEMPTED to paint a picture inspired but her work BUT isn't that what Artist do for one another ? AS a matter of fact, because I painted a picture like one from Danita, I DID NOT sign my picture AND I SURE AS HELL DIDNT TRY TO SELL IT FOR **** SAKES !!!
This is a prefect example of why I admire a lot of you artist...cause you can still keep your head when someone rips you off like this....I would want blood !!!

I speak for all who love and respect your art, "I am sorry this is happening" and "WE ALL WILL BE ON THE LOOK OUT"
Anna M. Rosete said…
Goodness! This is awful! It amazes me that some people have the audacity to do this... and to my favorite on at that! Danita, only your originals and certified Danitas will do for me, dear. Nobody can be like you.

Chin up!

oh no!! That is just so wrong! I am sorry this is happening to you.
Unknown said…
I just rec'd your newsletter and that is awful. I have had it done to me, actually by one of your favorite blog out who you let in your circle. It's unfortunate that things like this happen, dont let it get you down....your art is unique and others will know they are blatant FRAUDS! Stay strong.
I'm so sorry this happen to you. Make sure she's out of Etsy. People like that are not allowed in the shop stealing other people's work. They should find their own style rather then taking someone else work.
Maria Sanchez said…
thats terrible...copycats get bad karma... that's their reward I think.
that is soooooo wrong~ I love my piece I bought from you and have bought from Birdie designs and I love your art. I am so sad this happened to you. I hope it gets taken care of quickly.
Kingfisher Farm said…
Daniita, this means you've made it! You are a great success, so this means now you have to protect yourself. I am so sorry for the heartache this causes you, and headache! People stealing your hard earned work is heartless. In tough times this sort of thing happens even more than usual. Ma Petite Thiere had the same thing happen, only the couterfitter changed the designs slightly! Very nasty, these thieves! Pam
GlorV1 said…
Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately once something is on the internet, it's up for grabs. That's the was a lot of people do it. If someone writes something worth reading, they'll copy it and use it, if someone paints something they like they will print it out and use it, sell it or whatever. That's the problem with displaying art on the internet, it will get used by someone else. I have been using the internet since the latter part of the 80's and even then, peoples writings, poems,etc. were being stolen. They were told that once something is on the internet it becomes public domain. So it's sad that people will do such things. I'm sorry about your loss.
Cindi Myers said…
I feel so bad for you!!!!
It makes me so angry that there are people out there that would do this to you! Remember what goes around, comes around! I hope that bad Karma gets them good!
Tammy said…
noodle and lou said…
soooo sad to see this Danita! I'm really sorry you have to deal with such a mess!!! Hang in there!! xox...jenn
Anonymous said…
Hello Danita,

I would encourage you to send a "cease and desist" letter to the seller(s) and copy it to etsy (or applicable selling venue) as well.

Although I do not sell my personal artwork to the public I recently had a mutimillion dollar company order from my supply company. The day the order arrived last fall, I knew how it would play out.

ALL of the products that that they ordered they sent to China to be manufactured.

I mean copied.

Sadly, many of the items were purchased from family owned U.S. and Canadian businesses that are still in business. I hope that they can continue to stay in business. These types of actions make it difficult to thrive.

The individual who originally ordered the products obviously had no integrity. This is what they deemed a "design team".

Stealing my products or your artwork ---show me the creativity in that?

A company that encourages and rewards such behavior I certainly would not want to deal with.

Sadly I do not think the general consumer sees the effects of these actions on small businesses + not everyone has the where-with-all to follow and not purchase from these companies, especially when they undercut the original creators.

Danita, at least you still have your integrity and no matter how difficult these situations are I truly believe integrity will prevail.

Truly. I do.

I wish you the best as you wade through this.

Swearing does help.

For a bit.

-with Kindest Regards
This makes me so angry! What's wrong with people!
mexicancolors said…
That's terrible, all our effort as artist and be just copied and sell it as them. The only good thing is that they make this because you'r the best!!!
Unknown said…
You should get a COPYRIGHT and include it ON YOUR ARTWORK. At that point, you will have legal recourse. AND you can get international protection as well. Get a Patent, Trademark and Copyright Attorney to help you. It doesn't cost that much.
Unknown said…
I just discovered this post... I hve to say this is so upsetting, Danita and Mr. D... I know this post is old but I will totally report anything I find. I adore Danitas work and the thought that she was ripped off is horrible. It's so sickening that stuff like this happens all the time... we are SO LUCKY to live in the age of the internet , blogging and social media where we can help our fellow artists and keep eyes and ears out for each other. XO

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