New hand painted paper

I've had insomnia again and I decided to take advantage of it. If I can't sleep then I'll work. I made some new beautiful hand made papers the other day...

And then I made a collage with them. Love yourself. A nice reminder that I need some days :)


I love it, Danita!
xoxo from Brazil
Silke Powers said…
Such a happy piece of art! I love your handmade papers in all those colors. What a great thing to do when you can't sleep! Hugs, Silke
P.S. I just got the Artful Blogging magazine and loved seeing your blog banner in it! :)
GlorV1 said…
I love your papers, how great. Sorry you can't sleep. I do have my days when I can't sleep and have to get up and read a little. Take care. said…
Hey Danita, you suggested blogging, when I asked you for a hint- so I started yesterday. Wrote my second entry in the middle of the night last night. Funny this insomnia thing-
I had a thought about Michael Jackson who suffered from insomnia-
Check out my blog if you want to hear my insomnia wisdom!
You are a beautiful inspiration!
La Pintoreta © said…
I like very much your ilustrations....all it's so nice...Congratulations
Jeanne Oliver said…
I love your papers...but what you did with them is beautiful!

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