STUFFED Magazine

I'm so happy to be part of STUFFED Magazine once more! This time I have an article about my little dolls in containers :)

I was so excited when I received the magazine.. and then I realized... I haven't done dolls in a while... so I went and made some!... and here they are!
Me and my panda

The musician
Me and my penguin

And of course... Frida y sus calaveritas!

I'm working on the pics and I'll announce soon when they are available in the shop.

How was your weekend by the way? I hope yours was great... I don't tell you about mine because it wasn't good... and I'm so glad is over!!!!

See you soon!


Micki Wilde said…
Oh my gosh those dollies are divine!!

Love love love them Danita!!!!

Micki x
Heidi said…
I love the one with the penguin! So cute! How exciting to be published in a magazine.
Flor Larios Art said…
Todas muy bonitas...sobre todo Frida!
Unknown said…
You rock girl!! i just found out I am going to be in somerset in dec. again it is toooo fun.
Queerly Yours said…
Congratulations on being in Stuffed! That is super cool! (I can't wait till the bookstore has them in stock!) Sorry that your weekend was not so good but look at all the groovy girls that came out of it! 8)
snippetgirl said…
oh, sooooo adorable!!!! Many congrats on the magazine...that is wonderful!! Your work never ceases to make me squeal with delight :).
Congratulations on yet another publication Danita! You truly deserve it. I'm so glad you are doing more dols...they are so fun.
jamjar said…
Oh such sweet dolls!
Love visiting! I have my eye on a few. love these dolls and the paintings, absolutely beautiful Danita!!
Doris said…
Danita, sigo siempre tu Blog, es muy bonito y entretenido. Las muñecas están preciosas!
Doris :)
vivian said…
Sorry you didnt have a good weekend! hopefully youre now having a better week and this will make up for it!
love your dolls!
andrea creates said…
Those are great dolls too!
Sharon said…
Congratulations to you Danita! I love your dolls :)
ally pye said…
Absolutely beautiful! Like everything else you do:)
Cindi Myers said…
I LOVE your little dolls! You are SO talented!
YOU are the reason I go out and buy all these magazines!!!! Congrats! You deserve it!
Susan Goodell said…
Congratulations. I just got the magazine the other day and I was admiring you little dolls. I love the magazine Stuffed. It's full of tons of inspiration.
I just started my own blog, so if you get a chance I'd love for you to pop over and take a look.
Grace Garton said…
Such a shame we don't get "Stuffed" down here in Tasmania:( may have to purchase a copy online. Congratulations!
The new dolls look really wonderful!
Very interesting things on your desk too!
Congratulations! Your dolls are so nice!!
Kingfisher Farm said…
I love the new munecas!! Muy bonita!!
Congratulations on the latest publication. Pam

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