Hello. My name is Danita....

and I'm a workaholic....

Merry Christmas!


Unknown said…
Cuanto tiempo sin venir a hacerte una visita, que pases una felĂ­z navidad y que se cumplan tus mejores deseos.Besos.
Moniqui said…
And i am a fan ;)
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!
We Blog Artists said…
YOU sure are...but a fabulous one at that!
May you have a wonderful Christmas day and looking forward to visiting your World again in 2010.
HUGS and wishes,
Merry Christmas Danita and to your family. Keep creating your magic!
Carolee said…
Merry Christmas, Danita! I'm giggling here because I was just explaining to my husband (who's been urging me to take the entire day off) that it might make things easier if I just spent an hour or two basecoating new pieces today, hehe. :)

~ Carolee
Disgusted Cats said…
I just knew that Carolee would be at it, too!

58 Cherries said…
Merry Christmas! Santa listened to me last night and sent just a little snow my way and I have an honest to God White Christmas, which thanks to global warming doesn't happen often anymore. When I was a kid it snowed, but as I grew up it just rained mostly.

If I haven't already (bad memory) visit 58 Gingerbread Lane for a little Christmas cheer http://58cherries.blogspot.com/

- a Gingerbread house I made this year. I still have a little cleaning to do before relatives arrive in an hour so I gotta scamper. Already hit my head on a granite countertop today, ouch! And my wrist and knee catching myself. Still recovering from my surgery leaves me a little weak and off balance and I'm doing stuff I'm not supposed to, but how else does it get done. (From one workaholic to another, lol).

Happy Holidays to you and your family and friends...

Adriana Whitney said…
Merry Christmas Danita! can you give me some of that? I am a lazyholic, lol
vivian said…
Merry Christmas.. You may be a workaholic.. but you make the most wonderful things!
LOL! (those are sooo cute!)

Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Rella said…
Danita, your Christmas banner is just delightful. I hope your holiday season is all you hoped for and more. I look forward to all you do in 2010.

xox Rella
I hope you're enjoying your Christmas time! Happy New Year!!!
Unknown said…
Feliz noche y Feliz 2010!!! te deseo lo mejor
Un fuerte abrazo


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