On the 5th, 6th and 7th day of Christmas...

Today let me share with you 3 more ornaments from the Christmas swap. I feel so lucky to be part of this! Every time I open a gift it's like Christmas to me!

Day 5 was Ruth Rae's. I love her work and I feel lucky to have 2 of her pieces. I didn't want to open this one, it was already beautiful as is... but my curiosity was stronger (besides my daughter reclaim that key as hers).

Her ornament? A beautiful work of stitches on several fabrics, embellished with stamps, ribbons and buttons. Thank you so much Ruth!! I love it!!

On the 6th day I received a gift from Maija Lepore, a wonderful artist that I not only admire for her incredible talent but also because of her victory over her weight struggle. She's been an inspiration to me in many ways ;)

Her gift was carefully wrapped with fabric and with pretty tags. But the best of it was inside... another beauty for my tree!!!

This is so gorgeous! It's like a magical doll with all those ribbons... I can picture her flying lightly in the air... and her cut paper hat it's just like the sprinkles on the cupcake. Thanks so much Maija, I love your ornament too!!

Finally, it's day 7. Crystal made my day. She makes impressive works of art with wax and I was amazed to see her ornament.

I'm afraid I'm not going to make it justice with my pictures, but really, you have to see it in person to appreciate it. It's all covered in wax and if you see it against a light it's sheer and beautiful. Thanks so much Crystal for your little piece of art. I'm in love with all my ornaments.

And as I promised yesterday, now I have available in my shop the limited edition prints on fabric of the 3 Fridas that appear in the magazine. You could get them here. And don't forget to send me pictures of what you did with them. I'd love to see it ;)


Unknown said…
I'm so glad you like it Danita. I'm still giddy over yours.
And congratulations on your many many publishing accomplishments lately!!!
Amara said…
Hi, how are you?
I loved your blog and your work! Very beautiful! The talent and sensitivity!
Kisses, Rozani
andrea creates said…
Beautiful ornaments~
I just ordered Ruth Rae's book too :)
58 Cherries said…
What fun your ornament swap looks like. Thanks for sharing pics. Your Frida's are so cute. I bought a print awhile ago for my mom's birthday or was it mother's day? Anyway I bought her favorite one and she loved it.

I don't have my own ornaments for my shop ready even to photograph just yet, but I do invite you to see my little Holiday houses at my blog. And the invitation to anyone else who'd like to see. They are up on my shop right now and soon there will be a few more pendants and my ornaments that have taken me so long to do.

Happy Holidays and congrats on your publication - I so love those Fridas

comme d'habitude c'est jolie :)
je suis ton fan club
comme d'habitude c'est jolie - je suis ton fan-club :)
Doreen Frost said…
I just love your blog and your work Danita :)

Such great gifts!!!

Elaine Thomas said…
Hey Danita, Congrats on your recent publications. That is wonderful!! Smiles, Elaine
sMacThoughts said…
It's always a joy to visit your blog, Danita!

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