I'm not a good swap blogger...

I apologize for not updating all the wonderful things that I got after the 7th day of Christmas. Really. I wish I had given each of you a day to appreciate all the beautiful ornaments that I got. I hope I don't get kicked out of the group :P (pleaaaaseeeee keeep meeeee... I'll be good next yeaaaar!!!)

But I have a good excuse...el amor! ... My youngest sister just got engaged! And we went to the engagement party so I had so little time to blog or update my facebook. It was a very special and emotive moment... snif snif... she's the little one! I wish you the best!!!! I love you both!!!

Anyway, enough of excuses, here they are now, I love them all now and I'm so happy I finally have them!

Day 8th, Sally Turlington's ornament. I didn't want to open this one! The package was so beautiful, and the paper... oh the paper! I just found out she has a tutorial on how to make it, I think I'm going to try it... so beautiful!

But I had to open it... and the inside was as beautiful as the inside of the package! Take a look at this nativity ornament! Thank you so much Sally!

On the 9th day... A beauty from JoAnna Pierotti from Moss Hill Studio. I love everything JoAnna makes, and this wasn't the exception!

A beautiful dress... just in time for the Holidays! How did you know that I didn't have anything to wear? You can see better pictures of this beautiful dress in her blog. Thanks JoAnna!!!
On the 10th day of Christmas I got my ornament from Kelly Snelling. She works in so many mediums that you never expect what she's going to do next... so I couldn't imagine what was inside the package.

But there he was, the cutest bunny I've seen. I love serious faces in cute animals (I do it a lot in my own art) and this grumpy bunny was just perfect. It may seem simple, but it's not. Actually there's a looooot of work involved in making one, as you can see in her blog. I appreciate every detail in this bunny. Thanks so much Kelly! (this one won't make it to the tree... this one goes directly to the studio).

On the 11th day of Christmas Deryn gave to me (besides the invitation to be part of the group)... this extremely detailed package... other I didn't want to open afraid to ruin the outside... but when I opened my mouth almost fell...

I think my pictures don't make justice to this beauty. I think you should go to her blog and take a look for yourself of all the details of this piece, very worth the reading.

Here's a close-up. It has glass and was very difficult to snap a good photo but I hope you get the idea. Thank you so much Deryn for this treasure.

On the 12th day of Christmas was the turn of Lou McCulloch. She gave us a preview of what was inside and we didn't have a clue. She cleverly package her ornament in a way that the ribbon to hang it was also the ribbon to decorate the little box.

Her ornament is very beautiful too, I'm thinking I can even wear it as a necklace... Thanks so much Lou! I love it!

And ... as a plus, on the 13th day of Christmas I got an ornament from Lorraine.

This one surprised me because of the materials she used, it's so delicate and so layered and so beautiful!

I'm so happy with all my ornaments. Thank you, once more, for all the fun and all the treasures. I'm looking forward for next year's!


I loved looking at all of your treasures! Thanks for sharing them with us! And, congratulations to your sister and to you and your family, danita!!
Whaaaaaat!!! i want all!!
Anonymous said…
I loved seeing the ornaments you all swapped ~ fantastic creations!

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