On the 4th day of Christmas... It snowed again!

Hi again! Yesterday It snowed again!! Can you believe it? Neither can I! And this time it was powder snow, not like the other day that was more like ice... I spent the morning going in and out carrying snow for my daughter to play and after many trips I decided It was time to open my 4th day of Christmas present!! (yay!)

This one was made by Melissa David. Unfortunately, no blog or website to share with you but what I can share is the beautiful ornament she made!

This swap is getting better by the day... and it's getting more difficult to pick a favorite!
Each day it's a wonderful surprise waiting to be opened!

Thank you so much Melissa for the beautiful ornament! Another treasure added to my collection!

It's too big for my little tree but I already found a very special place for it... can you find it?

Oh and if you want a chance to get a free print from my shop go to JaneSays, she's having a giveaway today!


Cindi Myers said…
Hey it worked! I wished my snow to go to you so that you could enjoy it!(And the I wouldn't have to shovel it! LOL!)
Seriously, It's nice to see snow make you so happy!
I love your xmas tree!!!
Your Christmas tree looks wonderful!!

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