The twelve days of Christmas (now 13!)

As I commented in my previous post, the first of December starts the most exciting part of the swap organized by super-talented jewelry genius Deryn Mentock. This year I got number 1 so the first ornament everybody opened was mine... so no opening for me the first day. Yesterday was supposed to start but my daughter got really sick and I she was in bed the whole day.. and I forgot :( I'm really sorry about it because today when I opened It really brightened my day!

Looking at the bright side.. I got to open 2 gifts today! First one from Pilar Pollock, a wonderful mixed media, fiber and digital artist who makes beautiful and meaningful things.

When I opened the package I was delighted! Read more about it in her blog where she explains what this ornament means.
I found a very special place for it already.. I loveeeeeed it!!!

Thanks so much Pilar!!!

And the ornament #3 was sent by Jackie Allison. Too sad she doesn't have a blog or website because you should see what she does... beautiful, beautiful things.

I knew it was something heavy because I'm the kind of person who moves and weights all the presents below the tree trying to guess what's inside... but so far I haven't guessed any of these!

I'm in love with my ornaments!!!! This is beautiful!!! I love china dolls and I love them even more when they're used for artful purposes!

Thank you Jackie! I love, love, love it!!!

I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what other beautiful thing will be part of my collection... meanwhile I'll have to finish some mini dolls that I left undone because of my daughter...

Who, by the way, has been busy today doing her own thing...She can't get enough of Rudolph ;)


I just opened your package today: the card sets and locket I ordered recently! You have filled me with more beautiful Christmas spirit! Thank you!
vivian said…
what a fun swap! looking forward to seeing what else you recieve! have a great weekend
ladyblackness said…
cuanta cosita danita!!!! estoy segura de que todo es precioso!
Unknown said…
How exciting to get a glimpse at your work in progress. What a great mama you are to your little girl to care for her so much that you forgot to open your gift and how fun it must be for your daughter to get to create such treasures with you!
andrea said…
Hi- just wanted to stop by and tell you I bought the 'Somerset Art quilting studio' and 'Sew Somerset' and thought the articles featuring your work are great :)
Flor Larios Art said…
Me encanta tu nuevo cabecero...
and the little dolls are so you...
keep are amazing!

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