All I want for Valentine's day is Jewelry!

New jewelry, the perfect gift for this Valentine's day!

I admit it, I buy gifts for myself. On Christmas, on my birthday, on Valentine's day... any excuse is good to get something nice. If you're like me, I wanted to show you the jewelry that I'll be posting in the following days, maybe you want to give yourself something special too?
Or just leave the browser open so your significant one can get a hint of what you want... no wait, it's best if you copy the link and send it directly to him with a note that says: I WANT ONE OF THESE FOR VALENTINE'S DAY (Insert phrases here like "Thank you honey you're the best hubby in the whole world "or "You look so handsome when you're buying me stuff in the computer"). Don't forget to specify which one!


PaperPumpkin said…
hahahhahahaha! I LOVE this post and I love all of your jewelry, danita! I almost bought a piece yesterday, but couldn't resist the original painting....and thought one present for myself maybe was all I should get...maybe not! LOVE your jewelry designs! Love Valentine's Day! ♥ Love hearts!
Anonymous said…
It is my guilty secret that I always buy myself something before a birthday or Christmas! Don't tell anyone though...
gbloom studio said…
Hi Danita,
I am a huge fan!!! Your paintings are beautiful and your jewelry is stunning! I will be sure ask my valentine for one of your pieces.


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