She's here!!! My Blythe is finally here!!!

I'm super excited today because I finally got my Blythe!!!!

She's all I expected and even more... her hair is soooo soft and long and her face is beautiful.
I still need to name her... I have to think about it... my daughter is crazy over her as well... more since she found the eye mechanism (oh-oh!)
She's kind of shy (like me) and doesn't say much.. I think she will open up when she feels more like home.. she's just beginning to meet everybody here at the studio...

What she discovered was the drawers where I keep the beads in... I think that will be another think we share ;)
We are just starting to get to know each other better... I hope to take her out for some fun pics soon... Can't wait to start playing with her!


Gingermelon said…
Congrats Danita!! Your Blythe is beautiful! Is she your first? If she is, I must warn you that they are VERY addictive and you'll end up wanting more!
So happy for you!
Yes Shelly, she's my first!
And you right.. I already want another.. she feels so lonely here!
Lovely, Danita!
She's very beautiful!! :)
PaperPumpkin said…
She's perfect! She does look like you! How fun!!♥
bonnesinger said…
Ya'll have perked my interest in Blythe dolls...where can I go to scout some of them out and consider purchasing one? thanks, bonnie my email is
Ana Camamiel said…
Your doll is so beautiful! You must be really happy with her. I hope you will enjoy her a lot.
Oh, I still haven´t adopted any Blythe and every time it´s harder to resist the temptation.
She's gorgeous! Congratulations!
Fair Rosamund said…
She is SO cute, I am looking forward to seeing more pictures! I would love to have one someday :) ~Lauren
ooh! congrats! i have her too. isn't she beautiful! welcome to an obsession!
I got mine on Ebay Bonnie :)
I just discovered the beauty of Blythe a few months ago and have been pining for one ever since! Congratulations!
Kim said…
She's beautiful!! I collect Pullip dolls but have been looking at the Blythe dolls alot yours!

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