Happy Valentine's day GIVEAWAY!

I hope everybody is having an excellent Valentine's day!

I used to hate this day to my bones (long sad story that I will share in another time) ... but now that I have my wonderful family I love this day and I enjoy it a lot! We've been celebrating since yesterday (A free Sunday sounds much better than a busy Monday) and both my daughter and I received chocolates and LPS Blythe dolls... now we can play together with them! We also baked yummy chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and pink sprinkles... the frosting HAD to be blue (my daughter LOVES blue and she insists everything she makes or gets is that color) and she took them to share with her classmates. So to continue to the giving spirit... let's have our first GIVEAWAY for the year!! (yay!).

I'm not sure if you noticed but recently I introduced to my shop new sizes of Wood Mounted Prints. First I had 5x5, 5x7 and 3x6 inches, now I also have 8x8, 6x8 and 5x10 and very soon 2x2"! The winner will get to choose the image and size of Woodblock she desires! How cool is that? If you want to participate just let me a comment from today until Friday 12:00 pm East telling me how you celebrate Valentine's day and your choice of image and size (you can take a look here to see what's available, but It can be any of my available images). The winner will be announced this Saturday. If you tweet it, mention it on your blog or facebook and paste the link here you'll have an additional chance for every entry.... Let's spread the word and start picking your favorite!

And have a beautiful, wonderful, filled of love day!


Blue Green Arts said…
This year I'll spend Valentine's Day cuddled up on the couch with my hubby. He's sick, and I'm 8 months pregnant, so we won't be doing anything too crazy.

Happy Valentine's Day! LOVE the wood mounted prints, such a great idea!
frizzyfairy said…
Me and my husband try and fit in some romantic time every Valentine.....it gets harder every year as my 9 yr old has an inquisative mind.lol. This year i have offered a full massage with the new body oil i bought him for xmas!! My husband bought me a beautiful bunch of flowers and my favourite choccies.
I adore your art and if by any chance i was the lucky winner, i think i would love to own The Valentine Parade on the 5 x 10 size. It is gorgeous and i know it would look so pretty in my house xxx
Mel Seigfried said…
Happy Valentines Day to you and your family! My daughter and I got LPS Blythe dolls for Christmas lol! :) I love your art work and have a few of your pieces and I would be thrilled to win! Have a nice day!
andrea creates said…
so hard to choose-but i think i'd pick globe trotter in the 5x5 size :)
Irit said…
Well, we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day here in Israel. If we did, I would spend a quiet evening at home with my boyfriend.

My favorite print is Blue Haired Girl, and my preferred size is 8x8. Thank you!
Rosa Witten said…
Wow Danita what a wonderful way to start off Valentines Day! Well I usually spend Valentines day working, I'm a massage therapist and it's always a busy day on Valentines. But my favorite way to spend the day if not on the actual day is with my Hubby. We usually have a nice dinner, Italian seems to be my favorite on valentines. Followed by a chocolate dessert. I really love all your artwork but one of my favorites is Isabella.
Have a great day!
:) Rosa
rose said…
Happy Valentine's Day to you.

your pictures are very pretty - i love your paintings.

today at my school for Valentine's Day we gave cards and treats to each other - We had a Valentine's cookie sale and I bought some for my friends.

good bye....
Hi am I the first to enter? I don't celebrate valentines[reason's too personal to mention!!!]So instead I read all the lovely blogs.I posted on face book too. Thank you
Rosa Witten said…
Mentioned it on my blog. :)
Creepy Glowbugg said…
I love your art and am torn between "The Hug" and the "Woodland Parade". I like the 5 X 10 size but the 3 X 6 size seems neat too.
Thanks for the nifty giveaway!
sandi lou said…
love your work!!! i love the "all you need is love" print...as well as ALL of them (sigh)
Kiko said…
Love all the new sizes, expecially 8x8! Thanks for helping to celebrate Valentine's Day with a great giveaway.
Kim said…
This is a wonderful giveaway Danita! And I love your Blythe dolls, so beautiful. I spend Valentines Day with my son who has a day off from college. I made him spaghetti and meatball for lunch, his favorite meal and then we hung out and chatted. He's the best son ever!
Tonight I'll be making dinner for my hubby and giving him a gift I picked out for him...hope he likes it!
I love the I Owl You Forever print in 6x8 (but any size would be wonderful). Thank you and Happy Valentines Day!
Thought i put up a comment a few minutes ago but it does'nt show.I dont celebrate valentines but i'll enter anyway!!!!Also put it on fb
Malissa said…
I love your art! I think if I won, my favorite would be the woodland parade 5 x 10. I posted a link to your giveaway on my FB page! www.facebook.com/sleepyhollowfolkart
Am I first??No way?? I would love to have my name thrown in, and I am going to go tell it on the mountain...Robert :)
Posted on my blog...

and on Facebook! :)
Malissa said…
oh, I forgot to say how I celebrate- We usually get take out and a movie and veg out in front of the TV watching movies with our kiddo!
Hi Danita: I absolutely admire your work and creativity. Thank you for wonderful blogs. I spent Valentine's alone. My husband is deployed in Afghanistan and I sure do miss him. We didn't even spend this last Christmas together - so two special days without him and more to come until his tour is finished. But what brightened my Valentine's Day 2011 was the card I received from my husband right on the special day - what timing when I need it most. And as I read it I felt his presence. It was very special.
Hugs from Guam U.S.A.
Karen - The Pug Artist from Guam
just me said…
woohooo your work is always so amazing! spending family with the hubby and two boys, heart shaped pancakes for dinner and some chocolates after!
kristen said…
We celebrate by loving each other -just like every day! We are going to have a date night next weekend...don't like fighting crowds on the actual holiday :)
I would be happy with any print of yours-any size!
thanks for the chance and Happy Valentines Day to you and yours!
Serena said…
what a great giveaway! I would pick A Squirrel on 6x8! I love the wood mounted prints that I have made by you :)
Joanna Dover said…
Happy Valentines! My husband and I usually give cards and a hug, and try and cook a nice meal together. Once upon a time we would have gone to a movie, but now with a 20 month old, we stay in and watch one!

LOVE woodland parade 5 x 10!
Always Andrea said…
There are three girl in my family and growing up my dad would bring a big heart shaped box of chocolates for my mom and little ones for each of his "flowers". Now my dad likes to include my daughter in this tradition. My husband, my daughter and I all make hand made cards for each other and grandparents and put them somewhere to surprise the other person. My husband gets my daughter and I a bag of our favorite candy also:)

I think I would ask for "I Dream of Flying" in a 6 x 9 for a friend of mine but I LOVE them all and would take any of them!
Anonymous said…
As a teacher I use Valentine's Day as a great reason to let the students do an art project. Regardless of the student's ages or grades, I find a way to let them express themselves creatively. Today my 7th grade writing student's wrote letters to a loved family member and then made cards and envelopes to send the love in!
Fair Rosamund said…
Happy Valentine's Day! Unfortunately I am sick today but my wonderful boyfriend got me some flowers and we are celebrating our anniversary next week anyway :) I adore the 6x8 A Load of Hearts, thank you for the opportunity to win :) ~Lauren
Amy said…
always a fan. Saw this over at FB. Glad to see your new stuff daily.
Thanks for the sweet giveaway this Valentine's Day..thanks for sharing the LOVE.
I'd LOVE anything by you..any size..whatever I love it all. LOL

PaperPumpkin said…
I L-O-V-E Valentine's Day!! My favorite holiday! ♥ I love hearts, too. I celebrated today by going out to dinner with my lifetime love, my highschool sweetheart and husband, Michael! Then we couldn't wait to come home to our puppy, Ellie! ♥ I love all of your art works (you know that!) but I'd have to choose the Bird Talk 6X8 now...Thank you so much for your generosity, Danita! Happy blue cupcakes to you all! ♥Kath
Diane said…
Every year we decorate our table full of Valentine's Day goodies. My husband, daughters and I make heart-shaped pasta with Alfredo sauce, meatballs, and Italian sausage. After we eat dinner, we exchange cards and tell each other why we love each other. Of course, it is all followed up with chocolate covered strawberries. Yum!

I love your mermaid picture, so my favorite size is the 5x10 for sure!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Whosies said…
i love the line of animals!! wonderful!
today- eating chinese, choc oreo cupcakes and chilling. oh, yea.
angel said…
such a sweet offer - i must join in. although i spent my day working today...i was not expecting the delivery that came around noon. a box of beautiful tulips from my 21 yr. old son with a card that said i would always be his #1 valentine. he has written me these sweet words for years, and i could not contain the tears as i saw them again. i was missing him terribly as he is away at school...and this just brought him back to me in the sweetest way possible..and i'm ending my day listening to his basketball game being broadcast online! too cool!! hope your day was sweet too!
SaraLynn said…
I have to say, those teeny-tiny woodblocks are absolutely adorable! Your tiny Blythe dolls are adorable. I hope you all had a very happy Valentine's Day!
Christina said…
We usually get our girls a one special thing on Valentines day. Maybe some jewelry or a keepsake of some kind. But this year, we went a little unorthodox on them and bought some rugs. :) They love to play with their little LPS toys on the floor and pretend they are on roads and traveling here and there. So we put a big red bow on two big rugs with an interactive street pattern. One is a farm scene and the other is a city scene. No chocolates this year, or conversation hearts. Just rugs. But they were in heaven! They've been playing quietly ever since!

I am a HUGE fan of your work. I've had my eye on your pieces on Etsy. Your style is so unique. I love it. I'm asian, and some of the girls you depict in your pieces look like my daughter, so it always makes me smile. I love it. If I were fortunate enough to win, I would LOVE the "All you Need is Love" or "Globetrotter"

Great giveaway!! have a lovely day!
Katie Holmes said…
Date night with my hubby! Actually a fun surprise. We are pretty broke this year, and he was a little bummed that we really couldn't afford to do anything. Then we get a random phone call from my parents who simply wanted to give us a little money, for dinner or whatever. So we DID get our date night!! Super fun. Early dinner, and then book shopping (in the art section, of course!) :) Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway! I must say, my favorite prints of yours are the prints with the animals. Super cute. :)
Katie said…
Just posted your link on my blog! Feel free to swing by and check it out!! :)

Katie said…
Posted on my FB too! Hope you get a lot of traffic! :)

LA FRIDA EN ROSA reminds me of beautiful MEXICO... oh, I do wish and hope I could win such a wonderful Valentine from you Danita! Today I spent a HAPPY HEART day with my husband, who took me out for Chinese buffet ~ much nicer to have an outing like this than to another doctor appointment which is all I ever get, disabled 11 YEARS from bug bites I got on a mission trip to Chiapas in January, 2000. I have NO REGRETS; I would do it again in a heart beat. HUGE HUGS!
Happy Valentine's Day! Today my family and I had a sweet, relaxing day with movies and cookies. :)

So hard to choose - I think The Baker on the 8x8 would be my choice. Thank you for the chance to win.
Nicole said…
Danita oh Danita where ART my Danita....maybe a little weird but you are my inspiration lady. I think even though I only read your words through here your art tells all about you, who wouldn't love someone so colorful? Valentines Day has been spent going to college, and doing homework all afternoon and evening...so fun. But I feel content and that is all that matters right?We did start the morming with the kiddos curled up in our bed passing around V cards, it made the day sweet. Have a wonderful one!
Anonymous said…
Happy valentines day!

To celebrate we give gifts and go out to lunch together. It is my favourite day!

I love Bird Talk and well ... all of them to be honest!
Mariella :) said…
Hello Danita and Happy Valentines Day!

First, I'd like to tell you that I think you are an amazing artist. I admire your art. Also, you are self taught which mneans you were born to paint/artist.

I love all your work...

If I win... I hope I win.... I would like "The Seamstress" wood block 5 X 10.

Hope I win!!!

Love conquers all!

Happy Valentines Day

xx, Mariella :)
malin said…
such a wonderful giveaway, I love your art! I don´t celebrate Valentine´s Day, being single it´s one of my least favourite days of the year. winning some of your art would definitely help me like it better... :) In such a case, I´d love to win CONEJOS AL VOLANTE, 6"x8". oh, and I´m publishing this on my facebook...
Nicole Austin said…
wow, these are so cute! i love the valentine parade and anything frida. i love it all, really! :) happy valentines day! what a great giveaway.
Firstly Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family, I hope your gorgeous bubba gets an extra kiss ♥

I celebrate Valentine's Day with who ever is free to come over for Coffee and cake, because Valentine's Day is my Birthday !
I was born in Holland and Valentine's Day was not really celebrated there, so it was "just" my Birthday and nobody really had a clue what was so special about having that on Valentine's Day ("what??what's that ?")
I now live in New Zealand and they do celebrate Valentine's Day here, I have one friend who always makes sure she gifts me something with a heart (and also always has a heart-card) My partner of many years gets away with just one special day a year (now that he finally remembers either/or...ahum....how difficult was that ? well...nevermind.....)
I love heart and Valentines and people having lovingly days.
I think your giveaway is gorgeous and I woul love to win (of course, who wouldn't ??) If I do, I'd love your "Woodland Parade" ~ 3x6 inch
ArtbymeCindy said…
We didn't celebrate. Hubby is having surgery today so he was on clear liquids. So I ate a salad in another room and the kids just had a sandwitch. Maybe we can have a nice dinner at another time!
The prints are beautiful! I hope you had a better day than mine!!
Natalie Neumann said…
Wow, Danita, what a generous offer! It would be cool to bring your art to Europe!
I´m like a little Valentine´s Day revolutionary, I don´t like the pressure that is put onto this date. You NEED to do something fancy, you NEED to buy fllowers, and you are surely to be unhappy when you are single, as everyone else is "showing their love". I think Valentine´s Day provokes more misery than joy through the fact that it is the day for the love of you partner, not for the love you have for youself or anything else.
Like flowers, furry friends, art and other passions.
My boyfriend and I had a lovely day, we massage each other on a regular if not even daily basis, as we both like to work hard and need to calm down. My life with him is special, I don´t need Valentine´s Day for that :)

Being a mori girl, I am a huuuge fan of the Woodland Parade in 3x6 inches! That would be wonderful!!!
Happy Valentine's day to you too!! I don't really celebrate this day... maybe next year :) What a great opportunity! thanks for this giveaway! It's very difficult to choose just one, maybe "I Owl You Forever" or "Woodland Parade" or "6x8 A Load Of Hearts"... Have a great week! :)
Artsy Momma said…
This year was spent eating sushi in a hospital room. Its all good though, I was there because baby #3 was born the day before. One of the best V-days!
Anonymous said…
This year I spent Valentine's Day with my Sister during the day, and then in the Evening I went to a Spiritual Awareness Class, and came home to a friend suffering from a bad back, so cups of tea and sympathy all round, lol.
I would love to win any of your pieces, but the one that really appeals to me is the 'THE ANGEL OF THE BROKEN HEARTS'
Many Thanks, Mandy x
MiKa Art said…
We celebrated Valentine's day by relaxing beside the fire and watching Watson the super computer competing on Jeopardy. (I'm fascinated by the super computers & robots)

Oh, I wish I can win your artwork!
My favorite is "I Finally Found A Friend" 6x8

Thank you. Have a great day!
polkadothill said…
i love to bake sweet cakes and cupcakes for family and friends for valentine's day....my husband will deliver them to people at work, and then i make a special cake just for him.....weeks before valentine's day, i make collage cards and a few paperclay dolls. i love the holiday and sentiments it brings.......
polkadothill said…
i love to bake sweet cupcakes and layer cakes for valentine's day.. my husband will take the cupcakes to work and i make him a special heart cake!! weeks before, i make collage cards and maybe a few paperclay dolls to send or sell...i love the sentiment of valentine's day and love to put out vintage cards from years past!! Danita Art is such an inspiration to me and i love the little group prints on wood...!!
Sandy Michelle said…
Sounds like a fantastic Valentine's Day! Congrats on your Petite Blythes! I have many petite and original Blythes and they are a delight! They photograph so well and look life-like! I am crossing my fingers and toes that I win one of your FABULOUS creations! I am a huge fan :) :) :) Sandy xox
Dawn said…
Valentine's Day is usually a bit low-key for us. I get my kiddos a small gift , a book or a cutesy notebook, and that's about it! I love your work, and all of the prints I have from your shop. I love the 5x10 Valentine Parade and I think Candy Girl would be great in a 6x8. Thanks for the great giveaway!
Teresa Kogut said…
I spent Valentines Day with my sweetheart of a husband. He bought me wine and Godiva dark chocolates! I would so love to win one of your charming prints!!
Danita, I loved to hear about the giveaway. I love "Bird Talk". On Valentine's Day (here in Brazil it is celebrated in June)my husband and I usually have lunch together at a fancy restaurant. I love it!
Julie said…
We drove over to the Eastern Shore to the lovely historic town of Easton, Maryland. My husband needed to see a gunsmith about doing some modifications to a 50 year old shotgun that he uses to shoot sporting clays. It turned out that the appointment took about two hours! The gunsmith was wonderful and a wealth of information. At the end of the appointment I said, I can't wait to tell my girlfriends what a wonderful Valentine's Day I had at the gunsmith. We all laughed.
Afterward on the street, I asked a woman to recommend a place for lunch and she sent us to Scossa an Italian restaurant. It was amazing, we had wine, caesar salad with white anchovies, tomatoes and mozzarella, an assorted antipasta plate, lobster stuffed ravioli, crepes with a vanilla sauce, chocolate sunken cake, cappuccino, yum!
Later that night we stopped at Redbox to rent a film, picked up steamed lobsters and potato chips from a local seafood store, cookies from a bakery (it was too late in the day, the pastries were sold out) and finished the day with a quiet meal at home with a movie. It was a wonderful day together and my husband said the best Valentine's ever!
Frida Between the Curtains in 3 X 6 would be lovely!
58 Cherries said…
A great giveaway!! I blogged about it on my blog, too. Great way to celebrate Valentine's Day. :)
Michele Fauss said…
We spent Valentines Day this year, having a nice dinner at the fanciest restaurant our mountain community has, then we went and shopped for all kinds of fun snacks and ice cream to eat with the movies we rented and watched sitting by the fire. I was so fun and relaxing. :)

I'm so happy you are doing this giveaway, and I hope hope hope I win one of your lovely prints! I've loved your art for a long time. It's so hard for me to pick just one of your prints, but I would love to own the Baker in the 5x7 size. :) She is adorable!
debsea said…
what a wonderful giveaway treat! i have been a fan of yours since i discovered you on etsy-my first etsy purchase was one of your "sirenita" prints, and she greets me every morning at the coffee pot! valentine's day is pretty low key here, but i did have a great visit with my mom. soooo...winning your giveaway would be a great treat! i love your wood mounted pieces and would definatly have to choose isabella!
Bonafyde said…
Personally I'm not big on Valentine's Day but I do enjoy getting into the spirit for my kids sake. That usually means baking up yummy treats like cupcakes with sprinkles, milkshakes with sprinkle rimmed glasses, heart shaped pancakes with whipping cream for breakfast.... and being a crafty gal I always make them a valentine from Mom.

I love so many images it's hard to choose which I like best!
I think the ISABELLA a (5X10 INCHES PRINT) would be Lovely
Amanda St.Clair said…
My son is the only sweetie in my life right now so it's all about dinner, a chocolate treat, and a kid-friendly movie. What's better than that?!
I would pick the Woodland Parade 3x6.
Such a huge fan. I would LOVe one of your wood mounted prints! Frida With A Blue Flower - Giclee Reproduction Mounted On Wood Block by Danita (5x10 INCHES PRINT)
I'm such a big fan. I would LOVE one of your prints! Frida With A Blue Flower - Giclee Reproduction Mounted On Wood Block by Danita (5x10 INCHES PRINT)
Tammie Moore said…
You are SUCH A TALENTED ARTIST. Your work brings such a big smile to my face and believe me I needed one cuz my mother died last week. So thank you my love.
Tammie Moore
natalea said…
they are all incredible Danita! wow! I think Bird Talk might be my fav...size doesn't matter here!!
For V-Day every year I invite a few of my best girlfriends for a valentine's tea/art party at my house. I completely look at Valentine's Day as a girly holiday where I celebrate women and friendship! I go all out and decorate and make the whole month sweet and cheery for my daughter and I! Hope your Valentine's was great, and thanks for the chance to win a wonderful piece of your art! xo natalea
we did not have anything special. hubby was sick with a cold. winter is harsh and long overhere. so we just had a nice little supper in the living room near the fireplace. wearing jammies and watching a good movie. love that cocconing feeling. ^-^
if i everhad a chance to win, i would let youpick one for me. i love everything youdo, so i would be happy with any of your gorgeous art.
sending hugs
art.soul said…
I ahve to try my luck...:)
Jeannine said…
Happy Valentine's Day! I celebrated with lunch with my aunt and dinner with my dad... My late mother collected elephants so I would love the hug in 8x8 because it reminds me of her. Love then all though - very hard to choose a favorite! ;-)
I spent a quiet evening at home, having take-out and tiramisu for dessert, perfect.

I would love the woodland parade in 5x10, the creatures kinda look like mine and the girl kinda looks like me! Honestly even if I don't win I might have to buy it since it's so perfect :)
my daughter's birthday is the 13th so we always spend the 13th and 14th together as a family. I love your darling illustrations Danita. I especially like your I OWL You print!!
Kirsten Alicia said…
It sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. It's vey kid of you to give people a chance to win one of your beautiful pieces. I don't celebrate Valentine's Day - been very unsuccessful in the business of luurve!! :)
Tina Gilmore said…
Awww i love valentines day, i love quiet romantic evening in with hubby (to be) and wine and chocolates. This year we had a Marks and Spencer Valentine four course meal for £20 and had our romatic evening with no cooking!!!!! I'd love any of your paintings, something with blue in too, i love blue! xxx
Hi Danita. Posted this on my facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=612752969
If I win I woud love the Frida with the Blue Flower 5x10
Mary Ann said…
I'd loved one of your little prints, They are so sweet.

I love the Woodland Parade:)

This Valentine day spent together with children, eat and play.

I love Frida's series.
This year my family and I celebrated an early Valentine. We enjoyed a beautiful hike at the Big Santa Anita Canyon here in California. We took a lot of pictures, enjoyed the beautiful scenery and had a delicious picnic at the end of our hike. It was the perfect day!

Monday was unplanned. My love surprised me with a beautiful hand crafted flower arrangement he learned from a Martha Stewart project. It was a quiet but loving Monday with my family.

I would love a Frida print. I love them all so I can't pick one specific but your Frida art is my favorite. As for size...I think a 5 x10 would be great.
Posted your giveaway on my blog...http://mymayancolors.blogspot.com/

P.S. I love your new banner.
tiffany said…
My husband and I started celebrating Valentines day last Thursday which was my birthday, so we had a full weekend filled with LOVE and admiration.
Tania said…
Hi Danita, I just discovered you and your blog through the Where Women Create Book of Inspiration. I love your work.
As I am unattached, i bought myself a lovely chocolate for valentine's day - and then my gorgeous niece arrived with a beautiful card a and a heart lollypop with 'i love you' written on it. I am very blessed!
I so love your all of your woodcuts, but i think i would choose 'lucy in the sky with diamonds'; beautiful!
Best wishes to you and your family
Tania in Victoria, Australia
Oh my, what amazing creations! I would love the seamstress print on a 8x8 block. Thanks so much for the chance.

Anonymous said…
sooooooooo cool! :)
Thank you for spreading love! :D
I spent my heart day with my honey cuddling like we normally do. He also brought home a stray kitten (bad boy). :)
Well, I used to get all fancy with the decorations, and make new things.... now I'm lucky if I remember it's Valentine's DaY! There are usually too many sugary sweets involved. Almost always a lemon pie for my valentine. This year I made snack bags for my little ones - and we painted little wooden hearts... or scribbled on them.

I love your cart with hearts girl - 6x8.
Sheila B. said…
This year I had a quiet dinner with my husband, and I made fish, which we both love and I don't serve much because my daughter hates it. She was out having a lonely hearts dinner with any girlfriends who are currently without boyfriends. I think she had more fun with them than she would have on a romantic dinner with a boyfriend -- isn't that always the way?
I love the woodland parade - in any size. Yor work is lovely!
Anne said…
love your shop!! I just bought the baker for my daughter. I love the new on the train piece.
I spent Valentine's Day cozied up with my hunny watchin a movie, eating the chocolates he bought!
We celebrated Valentine's day this year, for the whole weekend :)
Tim cooked for me.. spoiled me.. treated me to bubbly..and lavished me with love and attention. What more could a girl ask for??? Well..maybe one of your GIVEAWAYS :)
I'd love any size..the 5x10 would have a place of honor near my desk!!
I shared it on FB:
Oh how I would love to win one Danita! You are such an inspiration to me!

TattooedLadybug said…
We take the day off and spend it at home making art!
What a generous giveaway! I love the 8x8 "Over Coffee" and the 6x8 "I Finally Found a Friend" but truthfully ALL of your art is so magical. As far as Valentine's Day goes ... Hubby and I celebrate the anniversary of the day we met instead :) Thanks for this opportunity !!

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