A preview of my last paintings (Power outage is making me crazy)

So I'm stuck in my house, with just one warm room because we have been having power outages because of the extreme cold (this city is not prepared for it!) and we only have one gas heater and I'm about to go crazy. I do love my children, I really do. And I enjoy spending time with them, but being stuck inside, all alone, with no TV, no internet, no paints, not even another room to go and a toddler with lots of energy and a hungry baby can be so hard! We only had a couple of hours of electricity today and then everything went dark. And then when my husband finally arrives... the electricity is on again and everything is back to normal... everything but me that I was about to explode in flames. Anyway... I don't know how many hours we're going to have again with power so I took a moment to be in the computer and vent a little.... Now that everything is out and the kids are finally asleep, I feel better... So, the initial reason of this post wasn't to complain about my situation, but to show you the new paintings that are ready to find new homes!

"Me and my lion"
8x8 mixed media on canvas


This is part of my "Me and my animal" series, I hadn't painted one in a while... but then I realized that I hadn't painted a lion and my son is Leonardo (Leon is lion in Spanish), so here it is! (I had to go blond for the palette, but I'm usually brunette in my paintings : P ).

"Good night moon"
8x8 Mixed media on canvas

And since I made one with my little son, this painting is inspired in my daughter, although she complained that she had black hair, not blond she loved it (again, I had to paint her hair yellow to make it pop against the dark background). She just can't sleep without light, so I decided to bring her the moon to keep her company and give her some brightness to her room.

"Taking it out"
6x8 Mixed media on canvas

This one is about getting your bad thoughts out and keeping the good ones in. I've had the sketch for so long (a couple of years) and I found it while searching through my old sketchbooks and decided to give it a try. I love the result and the muted palette, and I also see it as a reminder to let things go.

"Cupcakes for all"
5x7 Mixed media on wood

And since Valentine's day is so near and I've been baking like crazy in the last couple of weeks (a few days ago I made the BEST carrot cake ever!.. .and tomorrow we'll make chocolate brownies, yumy!) I thought I should make a paint about baking too (Same sweetness, but a lot less fattening!).

"A heart full of love"
8x10 mixed media on wood

And finally, this Frida, very different from my usual stuff. Lots of layers of color and full of texture. A painting that you not only will want to see, but you will want to touch it too (and it's ok, don't worry about ruining it, she can take it!). She's ready for grabs here.

So, unless the power is down again, I'll be listing the new paintings in my shop this Sunday in the morning . But if you feel like you can't wait until then, you know what to do ;)

Have a happy weekend! (And stay warm!!)


Lovely paintings, and amazing with no power and your 2 little ones you manage to pump them out! I haven't been here in too long, the changes you've made to your blog look awesome :)
Kirsten Alicia said…
They are all so beautiful. I hope the power situation gets sorted out very soon. I'm not a parent & you have my utmost respect.
PaperPumpkin said…
OH! I love your new art, Danita! That Frida one is gorgeous. It is terrible when the power goes out--we are so dependent upon it. I hate that, too! We've been lucky lately, that even with the freezing cold and the snowstorms, we haven't had a power outage...yet! Watch, it'll happen for the SuperBowl! hahah Don't tell Michael.
Anonymous said…
Hello Danita, at last I can discover your lovely blog ! it's all joyful and charming, a feast for eyes !
Mechelle said…
I don't know you can paint with little ones to take care of. I had the hardest time creating when my children were very young. Great job!
Tam Hess said…
I can totally relate to being stuck with the kiddos!! Whew, sometime the days just drag on. :) They are older now and not so much work. ;) LOVE your paintings. Beautiful colors, composition and whimsy. Thanks for sharing!
Ana Gonzalez said…
Como te entiendo, hace unos cinco aƱos aqui en Canarias hubo una tormenta tropical y nos quedamos sin agua ni luz durante cuatro dias.

Muy buenos tus ultimos trabajos.
Love love love love me and my lion. Im off to Etsy right away! xo
I hope the situation with the electricity is better today. Your pictures are lovely! :)
I just LOVE your work. You have a beautiful style.
Hope you power is restored soon. It's much easier to paint when you can see...lol.

Kyles =D
Sophia said…
Painting are just gorgeous, I would love to buy the cup cake one, pls let me know if it is still for sale, I have checked Etsy and there is no sign...

Love Blythe too, there is an incredible shop in Toyko that is just amazing for all things Blythe
Sophia, the original painting sold really fast. There are wood blocks and prints available at my Etsy Shop.

Sophia said…
Thanks Danita for letting me know about the cup cakes painting, will continue to check Etsy x S

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