The fruits of cold weather...

Today was cold. And I mean COLD: 8F with a real feel of -13F. That's the coldest weather I've been in my entire life. I'm not used to it. The house is not used to it (all the windows are frosted). The city is not used to it (everything is closed and everybody is at their homes). So what would a girl like me do when it's cold? Yes, you guessed: Paint!

So I've been painting and my daughter was watching TV... until I realized she had had too much of it and I asked her to join me... and she taught me this fun technique with marbles... aren't children just natural artist? I love the composition an how she used the color here:

Oh and I'm almost done taking pictures of the paintings, in the meanwhile, here's a sneak peek of the fruits of my hard work (or a fun painting afternoon):

Now I'm off to bed to watch some TV myself... a good movie in a warm bed is all I need right now! Good night!


Erin Butson said…
love this little glimpse into your life. How do you manage to get so much accomplished with two little ones?!?! i'm always amazed. stay warm!
KATI said…
I really adore your work! Thanks for the Valentine's heart, it's so great and I will give it as a gift to my friend =)

rita maria said…
these are such inspiring pictures. i've been trying to explore new techniques and now i will add the marbles to my list. thank you for sharing!
The photo of your artworks all lined up is fabulous! such cute stuff!

Stay warm, I'm trying too :)
cleo said…
waouh ! Love what you do. I'm really fond of all the beautiful colors, shapes... congrats !
Netty said…
Looks huge fun. Annette
Nicole said…
I wanted to tell you I got the Metamorphisis necklace and absolutely adore it. I love your style and have been working on a few mixed media ideas myself, but of course nothing as amazing as yours. My daughter told us last week she wants to be an artist, how cool is that! I wish I was as talented as you so I could teach her a few things. thank you for the very symbolic necklace, it means alot to me as well!
Thank you!
Erin... My parents were here for a weekend and they were helping me with the kids.. so I had extra time.
Anonymous said…
Oh! I loved that your daughter used marbles to paint designs with... that sounds like so much fun!
Children are so whimiscally impulsive, with spontaneous abandon.
Thank you for sharing what you have been painting. My sister is in Massachusetts...Rebecca's Rainbow Kisses blog and they have 3 1/2 feet of snow all over the city. It was very cold there too. I'm in sunny California with 64 degrees today with no rain on the horizon for a while...we're spoiled here. I'm just glad most people stayed safe with half the country having blizzards.
Teresa in California

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