13 pounds.. just 13 pounds!

Thank you so much for the overwhelming response to the sale!!  I'm really grateful right now! And not only because of the sale, but also because I'm re-taking control of my life.  The Holidays made a dent, or better said, I made a mess during the Holidays to my diet and my life... I get off the train very easily.  But now I'm following my diet again, and I joined the gym and I'm 13 pounds away of my goal!
And you know what? It feels great being in control.  Every time that I want to slip off and eat something I'm not supposed to or skip the gym I remind myself of certain things that are a great deal to me. To name a few:
  • I can sit on the floor and stand up easily to play with my children.
  • I can go shopping now and look for what I like, not what fits.
  • All my shoes are loose... and this year I used below the knee boots!!!
  • I'm not dying for lack of oxygen at the gym... or when I walk fast or a lot.
  • I can do a lot more stuff and still have energy at night, before I used to feel tired all the time.
  • My rings are not longer tight.
  • Heat doesn't affect me as much (although cold does!)
  • And the best one? My overall mood is a lot happier than before!
So next time that I'm tempted to grab a cookie instead of a healthy snack, I will remind myself of all this and how good it feels to go in life not carrying extra weight with me :)


Unknown said…
Good for you Danita! I just found your blog and I love it, your work is beautiful!
congratulations on the weight loss! I'm currently struggling and re-signed with my old trainer. I'm hoping to meet my goal by summer. I hate bending at the waist and feeling pain from the pants being too tight! lol
Rachel Chieppa said…
I'm proud of you for accomplishing so much! Stick with it!
just me said…
Good for you!! You are beautiful inside and out no matter what anyway!! I was lucky enough to grab some of your art last weekend! So thank you, can't wait!!!
That's great Danita. Keep up the good work. I don't think a lot of people really understand how important it is to take care of themselves. We all only have one body, we need to nurture it more. Thanks for sharing your journey.
Well done Danita! 13lbs- you can do it & your body will love you for it :)
Tuuli said…
Good for You!!! I´m on my way too!
Unknown said…
Hey Danita....I had lap band surgery a year ago and it feels great to finally be thin! I'm so happy for you...keep up the good work!

Anonymous said…
Your soul and spirit are beutiful, so the body will follow :) I really enjoy looking your work! Fingers crossed from Croatia!
Laura said…
Great job! Your life and work are very inspiring. Thanks for sharing them both. Can't wait for my Fridas to arrive!
vivian said…
yay Danita!! I know exactly what you mean.. I had lost 55 pounds... and unfortunetly then regained it over the period of a year and a half.. was sooo angry with myself.. but I'm back on track now.. lost 8 pounds in the last couple weeks.. I will lose the 55 plus hopefully another 10 but the end of summer.. thats my goal.. and I'm stick'n to it!
Good luck to you and you look GREAT!!
Michelle said…
You look absolutely gorgeous! Feeling healthy is the most important though. Good for you!

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