Feeling SOOOO Coy and blushing right now :)

Kathy from the PBJunkies blog contacted me me last week to write about me on their blog, she's very nice and friendly and called me an "Internet Art Superstar" on her post :)

I'm blushing just from reading it and want to hide my face with my braided hair like a little girl. Give them a visit, read her post and tell me what you think... I'm too shy to keep typing now.

Happy Week!


Rosa Witten said…
You are too cute! You deserve it!
Melanie said…
Thanks for the inspiration, Danita. I just bought a excercise bike two weeks ago and I am trying to be motivated to get on it every day! haha. It is so tough but I know I can do it. I know you can, too! Keep up the good work!
Yeah I just read it and shes correct you are an internet superstar -you are always original in what you do, I see others putting their "twist " to your ideas but yours are by far the best.OH!good luck with the last few pounds!
Schaefli said…
I just found you in Etsy today and I fall in love with your art immediately!

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