New prints in the shop!

I made several pieces that you wouldn't get to see in my shop because they got sold before I had a chance to list them, but now they're available as prints and some also as ACEO woodblocks.  For example the "Heart Angel" that was a encaustic piece, I had stopped working with encaustic until last month that I got a new slow cook machine, I also made "Everybody needs an owl", both with lots of texture!

"You have my honey"  a very sweet piece with a girl and a bear was other piece you didn't get to see, but here's the print now.  And something I don't usually do, revisit a past piece, but I did with this one: "Dream catcher"  and I liked the result a lot!

Some of the latest Valentine's ones are also in the shop now, ready for you to take home :) 

And speaking of home... I'm going to take down the Christmas decorations this weekend.. I promise!  I've had them in the dining table the whole week but I just haven't made myself take them away... the tree is so pretty with all the lights :(  Anyway, I'm going to do some Valentine decorations too... maybe a garland too? I want to fill the empty spaces.  What about you, any projects for this weekend?


dayleanne said…
So beautiful Danita! And I felt the same way about my Christmas decorations - would love to keep the lights up all year! :-)
Patti G. said…
ALL of your artwork is beautiful Danita! I just ordered a ring for my sweet friend from your etsy!
Love it!
I will be back!
Joining your newsletter too!
maya =^o^= said…
danita you are an amazing artist!!!!!!!!!!i love your art!!!

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