Creative Pilgrimage

I got 2 big extra fluffy, fuzzy, big pillows the other day and I've been spending time reading on them all the magazines that I get (I got a fantastic offer of 5 subscriptions for 10 dlls, Real Simple, I finally get you!). Anyway, as much as I enjoy flipping through magazines, nothing like a great, colorful, inspiring book to get my creative juices flowing.  And today I got exactly what I was hoping for: Creative Pilgrimage, by Jenny Doh.  It's been a while since I read a book that wanted to make me start doing something, anything, as long as it is creative.

And I'm so excited about this year's art and crafts books! My wish list in Amazon is getting longer by the second and I hope they keep motivating me to make stuff!


dayleanne said…
I am right there with you Danita! Just placed my Amazon order and so excited for all the inspiration coming my way!
Sarah Knight said…
Looks very cool : )
andrea creates said…
i haven't seen that book-i'll have to check it out, it looks inspiring :)
Yay, danita! My brother gave me an Amazon gift card. For Christmas, so I think I will go there and check out this book right now! Happy Sunday, kathy

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