On change....

The other day I was asked if I ever get bored of doing the same thing all the time and work in the same style all the time and you know what? I do. As much as I love painting some days I just want to do something different... like today. I don't get bored of doing creative stuff, it's my favorite activity. But some days I just want to change the medium I'm working on.  Maybe that's why I do so many things...  Maybe one day I will change my style and go in a different direction. But right now I'm happy doing what I do in the style I do it and I will welcome any change that comes naturally with open arms. It may be soon, it may not, but in the meantime I'll keep enjoying what I do the way I do it. And I hope you will to.


Laurie Jess said…
Be happy you have found your style (which we love). I have too many styles & would like to settle on one direction.
I think your ability to carry your own unique style so recognizably throughout various mediums is what makes you so incredible; you don't need to change a thing...but if you ever do I'm sure your new work will be just as great :)
I love the owl Danita!
Sent you a message at the ol' FB. SUPER COOL! Robert :)
Ana. said…
Your stile is wonderful. The most important is be happy and find a stile original y diferent. You work is very cute and personal.

A greeting,
Teresa Abajo said…
I think a lot of us would be happy if you never changed! Totally love your style - keep up the good work. It makes me happy.
Unknown said…
Couldn't have said it better myself! Change is always good for growth. :o) But it has to happen naturally.
Unknown said…
I love your style and I never get tired of it!!
Cameron said…
You are generating an income, spreading art love and doing what pleases you most all at the same time!!!
You're living the Dream!
Shine on :D
I think you're right -sometimes a change is as good as a rest!!also sometimes it can be difficult to continue selling the same style as people like to see something new.
I understand you so well :)

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