2 More Valentine's Paintings

Love is a theme that doesn't stop inspiring me, Valentine's day or not. I think it's something that should be celebrated all year long! Don't you agree?
I made 2 new paintings:
"Love Potion". 6x8 Inches on Wood.
I read once a short story about a love potion and I loved it so much I made a painting about it. You know, the love potion was part of a collection of potions an alchemist sold. But the Love potion was free, what cost a fortune was the antidote. Imagine having a Love Potion... it would be a very dangerous thing to use, don't you think?

And if you were given the love potion and now you have your heart broken, I made "The heart mender" (8x8 inches on round canvas). Don't worry, she  has the power to put it back together.  She will fix it so well you won't even remember it was once falling apart.

I don't think I will stop making love related paintings during the year, but right now they end the Valentine's Series for this year.

Want one? Grab it here!


Angie said…
They are all so beautiful. I love your work. The eyes are just amazing!

Liberty said…
So lovely.

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