Nesting dolls

How did you spent your Valentine's Day? I hope it was great! 
I made a chocoflan using this recipe and it turned out delicious, and looked just like in the picture! I wish I had taken a picture but it was gone so fast!

I've been also busy making other stuff... some days I make so many things that later I don't know which one to post first.  I have lots of jewelry ready to share too, but that will be later, this three girls here have been waiting for their turn too long and it's time to set them free and find them a good home!

Even since I first painted this girl with her little nesting doll I thought I should made one, I had the blanks somewhere in the studio but I never got around to it until now, and I love how they turned out.

 They're 3 very similar girls but with very different personalities. Please don't try to compare them or they will get mad.  They may dress similar but that doesn't make them the same.  They even chose a different color for their babushkas so you could tell them apart.

If you want to adopt this sweet trio, just click here and 
you'll be the lucky one to take them home!


ilana said…
i just love these nesting dolls! such a neat idea :)
Laur said…
These are absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful project!
maya =^o^= said…
your art is soooooooo cute and beautiful!!!!!! :O) <3<3

Your art is so great. Have been admiring it for a while, but have never commented on it. I have become a follower so that I can pop in and view your latest creations. I love your stuff!! Hope to get to know you better.


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