If God gives you lemons...

Lately I've been very busy running errands and doing house chores... Not my favorite kind of stuff to do but someone has to do them and in this case that someone is me. Between all the things that I do one is specially unpleasant to me: doing laundry.  It's weird that now that it's a lot easier because I have an automatic super duper steam washing machine and dryer, I find it less enjoyable.  When I lived with my parents we only had a washing machine... a very old one. One of those Hoover drum washers in the shape of a box and you had to fill it with buckets of water and then to drain it you had to attach a hose and tilt it.

The rinse cycle was by hand, we had to put our clothes in a large tub with fabric softener, and then move it to another full of clear water, and this was my favorite part (not in winter, but the rest of the year it was).  I used to dampen the exposed bricks in the wall back of my parent's house and smell them (And lick them when no one was looking) and then put the damp clothes on my shoulder and hang them in the clothesline.  I really enjoyed doing that, it made it feel very real, and It was fun for me!

I made this piece remembering those good times, when I was more worried about having fun and tasting bricks than having clean clothes. (She's available in my Shop)

With all the housekeeping I felt like doing some housekeeping on my blog  and changed all the buttons... did you notice?  What do you think?


Netty said…
Loving your latest piece of art, she is gorgeous and love your idea. x
Ironing is my worst chore how boring love the new buttons and your work looks charming xx
Unknown said…
I love that you licked the bricks! Glad I'm not the only one that needs to taste something (other than food). Wonderful memory - thank you for sharing! P.S. I hate doing laundry, too. Folding it especially...boo! :o)
Nicole Austin said…
love this piece! laundry is my favorite, especially when we used to have a line in the back for hanging sheets. love the blog updates, too! :)
Wow, this makes me realize just how spoiled I was as a kid :) and yes, your new buttons are lovely!

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