Evolution of a painting....

Spring is in the air... color is invading my work again.

I am very inspired lately by colorful works, like the ones of my friend Mindy Lacefield, which never fail to put a smile on my face.  She is having an upcoming workshop,  I've already joined as soon as she opened the registration and I invite you to joint her class too here.

Seeing lots of colors in beautiful art like hers never fails to make me inspired. I want to paint and use my hands.  I want to make a mess and enjoy the process. I want to get lost in a creative moment.  Watch me in that personal journey of how a painting evolves and progresses as I go along...

It starts as a collaged canvas... random pieces of paper here and there.

An idea is born.  Color and more paper is added.

Gesso makes it's appeareance.

Pencil and pastels complement the color.

Silhouettes are defined.

Text is added.

 A painting has finished it's evolution.

Time to clean up.


Oh my goodness, I LOVE this, danita! Xo kath
Mindy Lacefield said…
OMG.....danita, i love the colors...and the sweet rainbow. you just knock my socks off. so happy you are taking the class. it will be amazing to see what else you create. loves and hugs to you friend!!
gorgeous! I love the colors you used!
vivian said…
YOu do such fun art Danita! I always love seeing what youre working on.
have a great week!
Daniele Valois said…
I just love love love love love love love this! Her inspiration, and your style...sublime!

I will be taking her class too, so how fun to get to know you here a little first!

Kathleen Conard said…
Wow! So fun to see your process and I LOVE the result. Thank you for sharing this with me.
Unknown said…
thanks for sharing your process, as always beautiful results!
Mystic Blue said…
Beautiful colors.I love all of your work. So creative!
erynbubu said…
I really love the pictures and I really like colors combination.

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Megan D. said…
What an amazing piece of art! I am so inspired by it. It is going into my inspiration board. :)

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