An Army Of Dolls

Two weeks ago I was in a doll making mood.... and you know my moods. I won't stop until the craving is satisfied. I stitched and stitched and stitched night and day until I was satisfied, and the result was not only one, but two collections of handmade dolls.

The dolls from the first collection measure about 8 inches tall and have hand made scarves, flowers and colorful bows adorning their bodies.

The dolls from the second collection measure 12 inches tall and have beautiful handmade accessories adorning them, with soft arms and legs to place them in your favorite expression.

 All the dolls in this collection and completely hand made by me from scratch using fabric scraps I like to buy with colorful and unique patterns, and they have scarves and bows I made myself crocheting and sewing in my doll making frenzy.

Their faces are beautiful, hand painted using the same art techniques I use on my mixed media paintings, they have beautiful expressive eyes and you'll love how they look alive and seem to be talking to you when you fix your eyes on them.

They are available NOW ON MY ETSY SHOP, drop by and choose your favorite before they are gone, the last batch I made sold right away. See you there!!!


Mandy said…
Danita, these are lovely!
Susan Goodell said…
These are adorable, Danita. I think you have inspired me to take some time over the Christmas holidays and try and make some little plushies too.
So very wonderful. Every one of them!
Clare Lloyd said…
your dolls are stunning. x

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