Reflections at the end of the year

This 2012 was a wonderful year, a year of firsts. My son got to walk and run around the house and spoke his first words. My daughter entered elementary school and lost her first teeth. I got to teach an online class and then two live classes in SO CAL. I was published by La Marelle and La La Land and I am doing great with them. I had the most successful year on my online shop. I got to travel a lot and visited new and familiar places. I met new, wonderful friends. I had one crushing disappointment and I opened new opportunities for the coming year.

For everything that happened, I am grateful, grateful for the opportunity to do what I like for one more year, create beautiful things. I hope you too had a wonderful year, filled with unique experiences, love and many beautiful things. May all the blessings you sent me with your never ending support, kind words, eMails, smiles and hugs multiplies a thousandfold on this coming 2013.

May Love, Happiness and Good Fortune be always at your side.

Happy 2013!


Sarah said…
Happy New Year, Danita! Well done on all your success in 2012, you are an inspiration xx Sarah
Sarah said…
Happy New Year, Danita! Well done on all your success in 2012, you are an inspiration! xx Sarah
Thanks Danita!!!!
I am so inspired by your ART!
i wish you a very COLORFUL YEAR!
Happy new everything to you! looking forward to discovering more and more of your fabulous work :)
xo sandra
Introverted Art said…
so nice to find you blog. happy new year!
Sharon Hendy-Moman said…
Hi Danita, I am an Australian artist a bit like you. I found one of your lalaland cards and fell in love with your style. I've only been producing publically for one year and I wanted to let you know that after all of my searching and researching I found that the way in which you present yourself through multimedia is brilliant. I have taken a leaf out of your artsy book and have arranged myself like you. Thank you for your inspiration. I will continue to follow you every day. I love what you are doing. You really are an absolute delight.
ginger deverell said…
Happy New Year Danita!

You have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Please check out my blog for the information.

I love your art, I loved taking your mixed media from the heart class, and really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Hugs, Ginger
Happy New Year to you too!!!!! Hugs!

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