Weekend At The Park!

Hello! How was your weekend? My family and I were to a local park that has a giraffe and ducks and a pond and we got mugged!!!  We were peacefully eating a bag of Cheetos and suddenly a gang of ducks started gathering around us and my son quickly climbed on top of a bench all scared, the ducks went under and all around his bench and took my son's Cheetos Bag from his hands while making a good deal of noise.


We all had to run away from them and and went to play with the giraffe instead. He's much more nicer than the ducks (although he had stolen an apple from me once when I looked away), he leans forward to eat the crackers and carrots people bring him and you get to touch his head and cute little horns, he's very friendly!


There's a guy that rents electric cars and my daughter got to ride one.... She decided to get even with the ducks and was chasing them all over the part in her pink jeep, and our son was running screaming away from her after he saw her driving style. It was so much fun to go and just be outside and play and walk and watch the beautiful colors of fall!

We also taught our daughter how to play checkers.  She got the game rules instantly and I couldn't win a game more than once! She's pretty good!Mr. Danita played with her a lot too and in the meantime I managed to make some art... It's being photographed right now and will be in the blog in a little while... Be patient!


huntla1 said…
Sounds like a good family day for you and the duck family. Maybe you just shouldn't have been spending that time together! It was so nice to actually meet you at Seaside Soiree and take a class live with you. I had my Danita painting shipped to me with my dress form and the haul from the auction so I am anxiously awaiting her arrival so I can finish her off. Thanks Danita for all that you shared with us and also for your wonderful online class. Your class is up there with the best online classes available as far as I am concerned. Take care and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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