New, Improved Print Quality On My Shop!

I have always been very proud of the quality of my prints and I had a very big disappointment when I ordered a set of prints from a big name, the prints were not what I was expecting at all.

That got me thinking how I could improve my prints even more to up my game and make you love them even more, so we got experimenting here at in the studio, and I am super pleased to announce you the results of our efforts.
We switched to a higher quality Velvet Fine Art Paper and the prints look stunning. The pictures I am showing you here are from a print, not from the original painting, and you can see the great detail we are able to reproduce now, the texture from the wood and the collage paper are very, very nice.
The paper has a beautiful rich texture that makes it feel like a luxury, premium print that is begging to be framed.
The Wood Block Prints did improve as well,we revised our printing process and the reds and greens, some of my favorite colors, are closer to the original than before for a richer color on your prints.

And the best part, the prints did not increase in cost! You will get a much better quality product for the same price as before, and to celebrate the new prints, I am going to have a sale:


Carin said…
How lovely Danita! They look amazing!
Your close-ups are great...I like your saturated colors.
Unknown said…
I love your passion for your work...for your love of the art and in assuring those of us who love it also, will get the best that can be offered. Thank you for your passion. Now I'm popping over to your shop!! *smiles* Norma
Yay!! Just ordered some Christmas presents! Thank you Danita. I know your art will be much loved by those receiving it. :)
Introverted Art said…
these look amazing. Love them!
is it really printing??So nice~
Danita Art said…
Thank you All, yes COCODOT, they are prints. The quality is really beautiful, you should treat yourself to one and you will want to come back for more :)

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