Charity Wing's Seaside Soiree

I'm back! Have you noticed my absence? If you've been following me on Instagram or Facebook you must have seen all the pictures I posted during this time. I was at La Joya, Ca. at Charity Wing's Seaside Soiree teaching and taking classes and spending my time next to wonderful, creative women and I'm so happy about that!
First, we got to spend our days at this fabulous place with the most wonderful view to the sea everyday. 
 The volunteers did a magnificent job decorating the place. We were surrounded by creative energy anywhere you looked at.
 After arriving we immediately got busy thanks to Jennifer Priest and her wonderful class. 
On Saturday, it was my turn to teach and we all made a mermaid and had so much fun painting and collaging.

 We also took the first part of Jen Cushman's workshop, who taught us how to make an amazing journal and to pour resin and use it to cover papers.
That night, a Silent Auction was made to help raise money for the Art Center that Elena and all her volunteers want to build, and here's my favorite piece of all. A wonderful doll by Paula Nerhus that is just amazing!

On Sunday, it was open studio time! We got to finish our projects and take Jen's second part of the class.  We also took yet another class (we were busy gals!)

 It was such a great experience.  I made new friends and got to spend Monday with Elena who must have super powers or something because after working all weekend at the Seaside Soiree, she still managed to drive me all the way to LA downtown and took me shopping!

It definitely has been one of the most wonderful experiences ever. Getting to be there, taking the classes, teaching a class and enjoying each other companies. If you haven't been there, you're missing something really big!!!  I hope to join Elena next year and be there again and I hope you can join us too. And I really wish she can open her Art Center this next year because she so deserves it!!!! 

Thank you !!


Netty said…
wow you had an amazing time Danita. So loving those wonderful torso's. x
Cynthia Ellis said…
Danita, Thank you for helping to make my stay at Charity Wings Seaside Soiree a weekend filled with awesomeness. It was so nice to meet you and to take your class and to be inspired by all of your talents. Hope to see you again in 2013. I will be ordering from your Etsy shop soon. To many choices, so I haven't decided which piece or pieces. Thanks again. Cynthia Ellis

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