Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflections at the end of the year

This 2012 was a wonderful year, a year of firsts. My son got to walk and run around the house and spoke his first words. My daughter entered elementary school and lost her first teeth. I got to teach an online class and then two live classes in SO CAL. I was published by La Marelle and La La Land and I am doing great with them. I had the most successful year on my online shop. I got to travel a lot and visited new and familiar places. I met new, wonderful friends. I had one crushing disappointment and I opened new opportunities for the coming year.

For everything that happened, I am grateful, grateful for the opportunity to do what I like for one more year, create beautiful things. I hope you too had a wonderful year, filled with unique experiences, love and many beautiful things. May all the blessings you sent me with your never ending support, kind words, eMails, smiles and hugs multiplies a thousandfold on this coming 2013.

May Love, Happiness and Good Fortune be always at your side.

Happy 2013!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Hi! I am away from the Studio and staying at my parent's house enjoying a wonderful Christmas time.

I'm dropping by to share my happiness and joy this Christmas day after enjoying the smiles from my Children when they saw the gifts Santa dropped for them on Christmas Day.

Thank you for all the support you gave me trough the year, and If my art was  in your Santa's list, I hope my art brought a smile today, Thanks a lot for trusting in me to give love on Christmas!!! :)

I hope you are had a wonderful Christmas Day in company of your family and loved ones and that the joy and love you gave and got today continue trough the year and beyond.

Happy Christmas!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New, Improved Print Quality On My Shop!

I have always been very proud of the quality of my prints and I had a very big disappointment when I ordered a set of prints from a big name, the prints were not what I was expecting at all.

That got me thinking how I could improve my prints even more to up my game and make you love them even more, so we got experimenting here at in the studio, and I am super pleased to announce you the results of our efforts.
We switched to a higher quality Velvet Fine Art Paper and the prints look stunning. The pictures I am showing you here are from a print, not from the original painting, and you can see the great detail we are able to reproduce now, the texture from the wood and the collage paper are very, very nice.
The paper has a beautiful rich texture that makes it feel like a luxury, premium print that is begging to be framed.
The Wood Block Prints did improve as well,we revised our printing process and the reds and greens, some of my favorite colors, are closer to the original than before for a richer color on your prints.

And the best part, the prints did not increase in cost! You will get a much better quality product for the same price as before, and to celebrate the new prints, I am going to have a sale:

Monday, December 10, 2012

New Holiday Art!

I prepared a lot of Holiday Art before I flew to Seaside Soiree, and I came back empty handed because I was sold out there... Yaay! So as soon as I landed and got back to work on my studio I scrambled to make more beautiful things for you to decorate your favorite places this holiday season. Here's a a collection of Beautiful 3x6 Inches Holiday Angels with Inspirational Phrases to cheer your holiday spirit! They are available at my Etsy Shop Right now, grab yours!

This little guy I so happy that Winter is here because he can finally go out and have fun without melting. He's sitting on my studio and asked me to post him on the shop so he can go to a home in the north where he can tall you his snow stories while both of you enjoy looking at the flakes from the window. He's available on my Etsy Shop Today.

And to finish everything up, the new Holiday ACEO collection is here, with the art sold at Seaside Soiree now available in paper prints, ACEO and Larger Wood Prints if you missed out the original paintings.

Weekend At The Park!

Hello! How was your weekend? My family and I were to a local park that has a giraffe and ducks and a pond and we got mugged!!!  We were peacefully eating a bag of Cheetos and suddenly a gang of ducks started gathering around us and my son quickly climbed on top of a bench all scared, the ducks went under and all around his bench and took my son's Cheetos Bag from his hands while making a good deal of noise.

We all had to run away from them and and went to play with the giraffe instead. He's much more nicer than the ducks (although he had stolen an apple from me once when I looked away), he leans forward to eat the crackers and carrots people bring him and you get to touch his head and cute little horns, he's very friendly!

There's a guy that rents electric cars and my daughter got to ride one.... She decided to get even with the ducks and was chasing them all over the part in her pink jeep, and our son was running screaming away from her after he saw her driving style. It was so much fun to go and just be outside and play and walk and watch the beautiful colors of fall!

We also taught our daughter how to play checkers.  She got the game rules instantly and I couldn't win a game more than once! She's pretty good!Mr. Danita played with her a lot too and in the meantime I managed to make some art... It's being photographed right now and will be in the blog in a little while... Be patient!

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Charity Wing's Seaside Soiree

I'm back! Have you noticed my absence? If you've been following me on Instagram or Facebook you must have seen all the pictures I posted during this time. I was at La Joya, Ca. at Charity Wing's Seaside Soiree teaching and taking classes and spending my time next to wonderful, creative women and I'm so happy about that!
First, we got to spend our days at this fabulous place with the most wonderful view to the sea everyday. 
 The volunteers did a magnificent job decorating the place. We were surrounded by creative energy anywhere you looked at.
 After arriving we immediately got busy thanks to Jennifer Priest and her wonderful class. 
On Saturday, it was my turn to teach and we all made a mermaid and had so much fun painting and collaging.

 We also took the first part of Jen Cushman's workshop, who taught us how to make an amazing journal and to pour resin and use it to cover papers.
That night, a Silent Auction was made to help raise money for the Art Center that Elena and all her volunteers want to build, and here's my favorite piece of all. A wonderful doll by Paula Nerhus that is just amazing!

On Sunday, it was open studio time! We got to finish our projects and take Jen's second part of the class.  We also took yet another class (we were busy gals!)

 It was such a great experience.  I made new friends and got to spend Monday with Elena who must have super powers or something because after working all weekend at the Seaside Soiree, she still managed to drive me all the way to LA downtown and took me shopping!

It definitely has been one of the most wonderful experiences ever. Getting to be there, taking the classes, teaching a class and enjoying each other companies. If you haven't been there, you're missing something really big!!!  I hope to join Elena next year and be there again and I hope you can join us too. And I really wish she can open her Art Center this next year because she so deserves it!!!! 

Thank you !!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

An Army Of Dolls

Two weeks ago I was in a doll making mood.... and you know my moods. I won't stop until the craving is satisfied. I stitched and stitched and stitched night and day until I was satisfied, and the result was not only one, but two collections of handmade dolls.

The dolls from the first collection measure about 8 inches tall and have hand made scarves, flowers and colorful bows adorning their bodies.

The dolls from the second collection measure 12 inches tall and have beautiful handmade accessories adorning them, with soft arms and legs to place them in your favorite expression.

 All the dolls in this collection and completely hand made by me from scratch using fabric scraps I like to buy with colorful and unique patterns, and they have scarves and bows I made myself crocheting and sewing in my doll making frenzy.

Their faces are beautiful, hand painted using the same art techniques I use on my mixed media paintings, they have beautiful expressive eyes and you'll love how they look alive and seem to be talking to you when you fix your eyes on them.

They are available NOW ON MY ETSY SHOP, drop by and choose your favorite before they are gone, the last batch I made sold right away. See you there!!!