New Beeswax Covered Vintage Books

I had seen this work with original illustrations made on the cover and pages of vintage books by other artists and I always wanted to give it tray, but being me, I wanted to make it really mine before going ahead and I gave it a lot of thought before getting started.

Since experimenting is my second nature, I love trying out new ideas and materials and combining old techniques over new surfaces just to see what happens... And these beautiful beeswax covered encaustic books are the result of my latest experiments.

This beautiful art piece used to be a vintage book I picked up from a Mexican Old Book Shop I love visiting, there is an original painting by me, Danita Art on the cover of the book and one in the back as well. Everything is covered in a generous coat of 100% Natural beeswax to give it a dreamy, surreal look the the whole piece.

The translucent image has beautiful detail shining trough the beeswax, obscured in some places and crystal clear on others, a random process that makes each one of these books a unique work of art that will never be repeated.

They Available on my Etsy Shop today,  click on each image to go to the individual listing, or follow this link for my originals section.

I really hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them... If they become popular you are going to be seeing more of this!


Sunny K. Lee said…
Beautiful..colors are very vivid and very stylish.. lovely as always :)
These are so beautiful! They look like they would be fun to hold.
Maryana Volkova said…
Last week I bought "Somerset Studio" with your amazing Frida and just can't belive!! You're a genius! I love your art!

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