Valentine's Day Kokeshi Dolls

I've been working in these kokeshi wooden dolls for the past few days and they're finally ready!!!

Oh how I love working with this color palette and lace and hearts!!!

They've got their hearts out and a love word is written in them, taken from a vintage dictionary. They have cute paper flowers and are embellished with lace.  They come with their own heart shaped papier mache box.  

I love Valentine's day!!!

They are available today on my Etsy Shop.
Get one and get into Valentine's Day mood already!


i totally love them!! omg *__* they look so pretty! amazing work!!
Ohhh, they're just wonderful.
EmeraldCut said…
These dolls are so quirky lovely. Going to check them out right now.
Kimmi Doll said…
Sarah said…
These are so pretty and perfect for Valentine's Day! Great choice on adding the lace. The purple doll is my absolute favorite :)
KristyLee said…
Awwww your dolls are so cute & sweet! You did an awesome job on them! The faces are so beautiful!!
how adorable. anything with a heart in it is always a favourite for me :)
Unknown said…
I love those! I hope to own one one day!
Unknown said…
I just found your blog! Such happy & lovely dolls!

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