Studio happenings.

Hello!!! Are you back to your normal routine yet? It's kind of hard to go back to normal after the Holidays. No other time of the year compares to it: the family gatherings, the lights, the decorations, the celebrations, the gifts... which makes it extra difficult to get back to your routine, right? I still haven't taken down the decor and I'm already thinking in Valentine's Day!

What I managed to do in a super-mega-intense re-do was cleaning up and re-arranging the studio.  I made some unplanned spring cleaning in advance. I've been wanting to make the wall that is facing my desk a huge wall to wall bookcase so I can free some floor space and by casualty (or was it destiny?) I ran into 2 pretty big and sturdy industrial shelves that together take half of the space of the wall, so we spent the last 4 nights cleaning and moving around stuff... Now I'm exhausted and very, very happy (I want 2 more so I can have the full wall as storage).

 Now I have space for my big easel that I got for Christmas!!!

And I also squeezed some art time where space was available! I made a resolution to paint BIG this year and I'm keeping it!

It's so liberating to paint in a large format canvas!

That doesn't mean that I will stop creating smaller paintings. In fact, I'm just finishing my first Frida of the year, based on the Frida outfits that were found in her home and that will be part of an exhibition this year.

Can't wait to show you more pics!  What I can show you right now it's a preview of my latest batch of earrings... you're going to loooove these! Some of them are already available here and I'll be adding more listings to my shop in the following days, visit my shop often to see what's new!  They're one of a kind pieces!

Now, back to work! I have to take advantage of the space before stuff begins piling up again!


Unknown said…
Hi, Danita! You've inspired me to redo my creative space, too. Like you, I am up to my eyeballs in stuff and I really need to get organized. Go Big or Go Home I say! Looking forward to seeing your large art this year - Happy New Year Danita!
Carmen said…
Great stuff, Danita. I need to start organising my studio as well. Thanks for sharing.
carol gourley said…
My studio is also waiting for me to put it back together after the last christmas art sale. Seeing yours gives me the inspiration to get at it and quit avoiding it.
xo thanks
Erika said…
Hello Danita, so much true words and so much energy for your workspace. It looks fantastic and I wish you always a special Inspiration . Sending hugs - Erika
The art here reinforces why I follow your blog...and isn't organizing just the MosT fun?!?

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