Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My first solo show: All you need is love

Valentine's day has never approached so fast, and that's because this year will have a new meaning: My first solo show: "All you need is love" will open on February 13th. I'm so excited! And nervous! It's not the first time that I participate in an art exhibition but it's the first time that it's all about my work and my work alone. Just me. And my work.  Scary... and so exciting!!!  And it will be in the city that I lived for many years, the city where my family lives: Chihuahua, Chihuahua in Mexico.

That's one of the reasons why I've been painting large lately... and also why I've been so busy. Painting large is not as easy as I thought... and It's more time consuming also! But so liberating and beautiful! And seeing your work in a large scale after you've finish it's so rewarding!

This is the space where my paintings will be displayed (no chairs of course). It's a beautiful, beautiful historic building named Casa Siglo XIX and has a permanent collection of one of Chihuahua's top artists: Sebastian

I wish you all could go and join me there, but since it's another country I understand not everyone can fly over... I'll be more than happy with your warm wishes and your rooting and support from far away.

Wish Me Success!!!

El dia de san valentin se acerca rapidamente y como nunca, y es porque en este año va a tener un significado muy especial para mi, mi primera exhibicion individual: "Todo lo que necesitas es amor" abre el 13 de Febrero. Estoy tan emocionada! Y nerviosa! No es la primer exhibicion en la que participo, pero si la primera en la que se muestra solo mi trabajo. Solo yo. Y mi trabajo... Da miedo, pero es muy emocionante!

Esta exhibicion es una de las razones por las que he comenzado a pintar en formato mas grande, y por lo que he estado tan ocupada. Pintar en gran formato no es tan sencillo como parece... y consume mucho tiempo! Pero es liberador y hermoso trabajar y dejar las emociones fluir, y ver el fruto del trabajo.

El espacio donde va a ser la exhibicion es una sala en un edificio historico llamado Casa Siglo XIX hogar de la coleccion permanente del escultor Sebastian.

Me encantaria que todos ustedes pudieran asistir a la inaguracion, pero como es en otro pais entiendo si no pueden volar hasta aca... Les agradezco desde ahora todos los buenos deseos y el apoyo que me mandan desde tan lejos.

Deseenme Exito!!! 


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Beeswax Covered Vintage Books

I had seen this work with original illustrations made on the cover and pages of vintage books by other artists and I always wanted to give it tray, but being me, I wanted to make it really mine before going ahead and I gave it a lot of thought before getting started.

Since experimenting is my second nature, I love trying out new ideas and materials and combining old techniques over new surfaces just to see what happens... And these beautiful beeswax covered encaustic books are the result of my latest experiments.

This beautiful art piece used to be a vintage book I picked up from a Mexican Old Book Shop I love visiting, there is an original painting by me, Danita Art on the cover of the book and one in the back as well. Everything is covered in a generous coat of 100% Natural beeswax to give it a dreamy, surreal look the the whole piece.

The translucent image has beautiful detail shining trough the beeswax, obscured in some places and crystal clear on others, a random process that makes each one of these books a unique work of art that will never be repeated.

They Available on my Etsy Shop today,  click on each image to go to the individual listing, or follow this link for my originals section.

I really hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them... If they become popular you are going to be seeing more of this!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Art In Sew Somerset Magazine

The latest issue of Sew Somerset magazine is out and guess what... My dolls are in it! (And my name is on the cover!) Yaaay!

 I was challenged to see what I could do with the many pieces of fabric I have laying around in the studio and I decided to obligue.

 Their bodies are made with scraps of muslin and colorful fabrics I kept from other projects in cases I was going to need them later on... I don't throw anything away, you know?

 Any pieces of fabric is good for making these dolls, and I tell you how to make them in the magazine article.

 And of course, they have my beautiful hand painted faces on them. After you pick up your magazine copy on your favorite bookstore, you'll want to own one.. They are available for purchase on my Etsy Shop today!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Two Paintings For Your Valentine

As you know, I'm already on Valentine's Day mood.. All those hearts and love around fill me with joy and the artist in me wants to share that feeling with the world!
This one is called You Are Here, because now that you are in my heart, I will no longer need a map to find you.

I already found the one, but for everyone still searching for that perfect companion to give your heart away, I made this one. It's called Waiting For Mr. Right... I love the expectation in her eyes and the heart in her hands. Once you have her in your hands, you'll see a lovely surprise collaged in her heart.

Both paintings are available for purchase on my Etsy Shop right now... Get one before they are gone!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Kokeshi Dolls

I've been working in these kokeshi wooden dolls for the past few days and they're finally ready!!!

Oh how I love working with this color palette and lace and hearts!!!

They've got their hearts out and a love word is written in them, taken from a vintage dictionary. They have cute paper flowers and are embellished with lace.  They come with their own heart shaped papier mache box.  

I love Valentine's day!!!

They are available today on my Etsy Shop.
Get one and get into Valentine's Day mood already!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Painting big!

One of my resolutions for this new year was to paint big,  to step out of my comfort zone and try bigger sizes, but I think that I overdid myself on my first attempt hehe... I went from my usual 5x7 to 26x36 inches! It was scary!

Want to see some process pics?

 This is the first and most difficult step: starting!

 Once you start the rest is easier...

 Just add paint and some collage elements...

Maybe add a heart and some crackle medium...

 Continue painting...

And you're done!!!  It's that easy! (If you don't believe me that you can create small mixed media pieces, sign up to my self paced online workshop when I teach step by step how to make mixed media pieces, girls included, HERE).  I spilled all the beans in that workshop and once you are done with the class, all you have to do is get a huge canvas and scale your work.... 

Or maybe sign up for my upcoming class where I'll tackle the subject of overcoming the fear of creating mixed media on large format. Details will be published soon!

She's pretty big, right? It's so refreshing, so liberating to paint this size (once you get past the fear of the huge blank canvas, I mean) 
that you should try it too. I feel free as a bird soaring the sky letting my hands and brushes gliding over the spacious canvas...

So, what do you think?


Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Studio happenings.

Hello!!! Are you back to your normal routine yet? It's kind of hard to go back to normal after the Holidays. No other time of the year compares to it: the family gatherings, the lights, the decorations, the celebrations, the gifts... which makes it extra difficult to get back to your routine, right? I still haven't taken down the decor and I'm already thinking in Valentine's Day!

What I managed to do in a super-mega-intense re-do was cleaning up and re-arranging the studio.  I made some unplanned spring cleaning in advance. I've been wanting to make the wall that is facing my desk a huge wall to wall bookcase so I can free some floor space and by casualty (or was it destiny?) I ran into 2 pretty big and sturdy industrial shelves that together take half of the space of the wall, so we spent the last 4 nights cleaning and moving around stuff... Now I'm exhausted and very, very happy (I want 2 more so I can have the full wall as storage).

 Now I have space for my big easel that I got for Christmas!!!

And I also squeezed some art time where space was available! I made a resolution to paint BIG this year and I'm keeping it!

It's so liberating to paint in a large format canvas!

That doesn't mean that I will stop creating smaller paintings. In fact, I'm just finishing my first Frida of the year, based on the Frida outfits that were found in her home and that will be part of an exhibition this year.

Can't wait to show you more pics!  What I can show you right now it's a preview of my latest batch of earrings... you're going to loooove these! Some of them are already available here and I'll be adding more listings to my shop in the following days, visit my shop often to see what's new!  They're one of a kind pieces!

Now, back to work! I have to take advantage of the space before stuff begins piling up again!