Birthday season...

Birthday season is coming!!!

The first one is my 4 legged children, Lennon. He wasn't born in the end of April, but was the day he became part of the family, our first child! So we celebrate it in this day and for us is the day he turns 4 years old.

Then on May 1st my husband and my second and adopted furry child Sofa. He will turn 33 and she 4. She came to live with us when she was 1 year old, so I've always seen her that way. Lennon is getting old. Before my eyes he turn into a beautiful, big strong dog. Sofa on the other hand has always been that way, so I think that maybe she will never get old since she never grew up.

My baby girl Marielena will turn 1 this year. I can't believe how fast she grew!!! snif snif... she soon will stop being a baby (I think I'm going to cry!!!!). I made this collage for her baptism.

Finally, in the middle of June I'll be 29. I still remember when I was 15 and thought that 20 was old ha ha ha. Now I'll be almost 30 and still feel like a teenager sometimes. Anyway. To celebrate this important dates, I made this piece. She's called "The Cupcake Fairy" and it's finished with a layer of beeswax and blue mica for sparkle. I think she's lovely and represent well our celebrations. Chocolate cake, gifts, fun and wishes.


Diane Duda said…
I think she's lovely, too! Happy Birthday(s) to everyone at your house. We just celebrated a few ourselves.
Lori said…
The collage you made of your daughter is beautiful!! I will have to go on son's computer to see the rest of your pics, won't display on my laptop.
Sam I Am said…
awwww danita.. how sweet.. you always make me drool :)
love the collage of your daughter.. so precious!! Enjoy her and hug her as much as you can :)
Danita said…
Thank you guys!
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