First post!


Welcome to my blog!!!

I've been trying to start one since quite a lot. I love wandering through other's people blogs and I finally decided to start it.

I've been very busy with my daughter and the paintings. I made 2 dolls for the tdiptmercantile
and a painting. I hope you like them.

I've also been making some pendants. They look great but it's a lot of work, but it takes more time taking the pictures and making the auctions than making them.

I'm also working on my website (well, actually my husband is, I just paint). I'll let you know when it's ready.

Now I just saw a beautiful set of collage paper somewhere and need to find it again. I'll leave you with a preview of the painting that will be on the mercantile...


Diane Duda said…
I love this one!!!
Danita said…
Thank you!
I love your work too!
michelle said…
I'm so glad you started a blog! I love your creations and very much look forward to all your goodies. I came from Diane Duda's blog. So happy to find you.

PS you make me want to make a doll!
Danita said…
Go ahead! make a doll! Let's make this world more beautiful!

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