Need a good night sleep...

Yesterday I went to bed at 4:00 am.. just to find out I couldn't sleep... I was trying to make a doll with osnaburg and I drew very skinny arms and legs, which I had to sew again like 3 times because the darn thing keep falling apart when I stuffed it. Anyway It was 1:00 am when my husband went to bed and I told him I was about to go too. I could have used muslin but nooooo I wanted osnaburg!!!!!! So there I was, stuffing again, making legs again... sewing the parts in place.. decided I wanted to hand felt the hair... decided she look a little bid odd.... decided to add a hat.... decided she look a little bit plain... decided to stitch her face.... decided she needed color... decided to paint her face... decided to check the clock... 3:50 am!!!!! No wonder I have dark circles the size of Texas. So I said, I'm going to sleep. Left everything like it was, and off to bed I went just to realize I have insomnia... I just lay there, thinking about 1041094809348 stupid things i will do the next day, or ideas I want to paint, or dolls I want to make, or posts I want to write. When I'm finally asleep my baby daughter wakes up, I wake up, my husband wakes up and this time I go back to sleep easily. In the morning I wake up totally sleepy and with not a single idea in my mind... I don't know what happen to them. They evaporate with the light. I'm definitely not a day person.
Here she is (I borrowed a camera). Just the face because I'm still trying to decide if I want her with legs or a make do. I thing that's going to be decided this night.


Anonymous said…
hey sweets, I love your work so much!!! it is very original. Just letting you know your swappy surprise is going to be shipped out tomarrow. soooo, let me know that ya got it kay!!!!

Danita said…
(Doing my happy dance) Ajua ajuaaaa!!! I'm so excited!!! I love your work too!!!!
Sam I Am said…
ohhh man..i soooo know that feeling.. i too go to bed with TONS of ideas , thoughts, etc running rampant in my brain.. only to toss and turn ALL NITE LONG!
then by like.."ok..what was i thinking about last nite???" lol

Secret tip:
keep a journal next to your bed.. if you find these thoughts running amuck while you're trying to drift away..WRITE THEM DOWN..
that way..they're outta yer head..and you'll remember them in the morning :)

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