I can't believe it's wednesday...

I think all things happen for some reason, sometimes that reason is way beyond our understanding at first.

Yesterday my husband, my baby and me were going to the post office to ship some paintings. It was extremely windy. Our power was shut because we didn't paid the bill because it was never delivered. So before going to the post office we had to go and buy ice for the fridge. When we were arriving to the house my husband discovered that had lost the house keys and I didn't have mine with me, so back we went to see if he had left them in the store. We couldn't find them so we went home again and didn't find them outside either. He was thinking that maybe he could jump the fence but our dogs didn't agree with him. I told him to check if maybe, and just maybe the door was unlocked... and it was!!! So even if I was glad the house was open, I had to yell at him for leaving it unlocked!!!!! No burglars can pass through the dogs but they can open the front door and come in!!!!! lol Anyway, he opened the trunk to take out the ice and there they were!!!! The lost keys!!! So finally we could close our house and go ship the paintings... If it weren't for the keys maybe we would have come to an empty home... Thank God the week is almost over!!!!


I love the colours and compositions of your work Danita - lovely, thankyou!

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