I'm on EBAY PULSE!!!

I'm so excited!!! I made it to the most watched items in the Self Representing Artists on Ebay!

That's a great honor!!! Thank you for your support!!!

PS: Take that hate mailers!!! hahaha


Diane Duda said…
I'm so glad that you have a blog and that I found it when it was brand new so that I can read it right from the start.
I always have one or two of your items on my watchlist, and hope to own some once my kids are grown and I have some extra spending money. So keep it up.
I've also been selling art on ebay for a year or so, but have not reached your success level. Probably never will, but it still makes me happy.

Sorry for such a long comment.
I'm going to add you to my links, if that's okay.

Diane Duda
Christina said…
You mention, "Take that hate mailers" in this post. What exactly does that mean?
Danita said…
Well, I received some very nasty emails with rude and impolite criticism and comments about my art. I didn't answer them at the moment because they were anonymous and I didn't gave them to much importance. Now that I was on eBay pulse I remembered them and thought that was a great answer to their comments. They may not like my art.. but a bunch of other people does!
OMG... I can't believe you've received mail from people NOT liking your work! That's like not liking AIR. Or WATER!

I think your works is beautiful! And I'm THRILLED I just happened upon your blog! I'm adding you to my daily watch list. =)

Cheers to you! AND your beautiful work!
Danita said…
Thank you Anna!!! That's the sweetest thing =) I really appreciate it.

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