Yesterday was a good day!! It rained!!!! So rare in my town...
I went to pick up my mail and I had some good surprises:

I finally got my Crocs!!! I've been wanting a Mary Jane Crocs since a quite long ago but I just couldn't decided on the color... the final choices were green (my favorite color) and pink (another favorite) but I ended up picking the pink ones... I have more tshirts to match them... They're really what they say they are. Really comfortable!!!

And the other surprise was my PFATT swap
from Mica (Garboodles)!!! Here's a pic
to make you green with envy hehehe... She makes such beautiful things! I was so lucky to be the recipient of one of them, Thank you Mica!!!

The last surprise was our new fridge!!!! The old one was cooling whenever it felt like it (bleh!) So we gotta change it... too bad for our economy, to bad for our old fridge but too good for our vegetables and fruits! Now they live in a blissful, cold new house!!!


Lori said…
Lucky Lucky YOU!!! I love Mica's dolls and the one she sent you is JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!
I went over to look at your etsy and I have to say that I LOVE ALL of your pictures esp the one with the bird, is that Basic Gray paper for the backround??
Danita said…
Thank you Lori!
Yes it's a Basic Grey paper with some extra doodles and more paper =)
Sam I Am said…
love your new crocs..the color is perfect :)
and.. what a sweet treat you got from mica..(isn't she just a sweet sista???)
Danita said…
As I said when I knew she was the one who was giving me the swap... LUCKY ME!!!

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