Halloween is fun... but the Day of the Dead is something apart!

I love Halloween. The idea of carving pumpkins and dressing up appeals a lot to me. Creating special art with Halloween in mind is also very fun. So we celebrate Halloween as an adopted tradition and go trick or treating. Here's my daughter this year. She went dressed as Super girl and got lots of candy... most of them which she ate that evening and then got a sugar rush. She never eats that much sugar... but we had a lot of fun!

We also had a lot of fun yesterday when we went to this year's Altar competition. It was great. There were lots of different Altars that I liked, but I had a favorite the moment I saw this one:

You just got to love these girls. They were dressed as Fridas in one of her famous painting "Two Fridas". They were still the whole night, and their altar was very well decorated with lot of details.
There were other good ones. My second favorite was the one for "El Santo":

This one was for Francisco Gabilondo Soler, Cri Cri. It was a very famous singer and composer of children songs. I grew up hearing this song at the beginning of every day at school :)

And there was also a show! Dances and a small play with this great Catrinas! They were like big puppets. The play was about a day in the cementery in the Day of the Dead in which they didn't received any food. It was very funny!

So this was the Day of the Dead for us. It was very fun, I hope you enjoyed the pictures. It's not like being there but it gives you a pretty idea of how great it was.

And that wasn't all I did during the weekend. I also made 5 new dolls: "Alice the mad hatter", "Frida y su muerte" , "The black cat", "Imaginary friends" and "Girl and bird". They're all so beautiful, unique and super special and they're all for sale at my Etsy Shop :)

Have a great week!


ladyblackness said…
ahhh!!! que miedo.. jeje. Me ha encantado el pequeño reportaje qeu has puesto de halloween.
Y los muñequitos.. tan lindos como siempre!
Sabbio said…
I would love to see the Altar celebration... it seems so rich, interesting, colorful!
And your dolls and your new banner are wonderful :D
Yve said…
Crikey, your work output is amazing, I don't know how you do it...Day Of the Dead looks so much fun. Our cemetery is on the side of a windy mountain near the sea and it's always raining so somehow I don't think we could adopt that tradition here in Wales as we would all get pneumonia. Shame! :o)
Anonymous said…
Wonderful, atmospheric photos ! and those new dolls are adorable.
DollZandThingZ said…
Thank you for posting and sharing the Altar photos. What a rare treat to see these. I agree--the Two Fridas were outstanding. (I am a long time Frida fan.) But, all of the photos you showed are great and almost as good as being there.

I enjoy reading your blog.

You have a good week, too!
Hola Danita! How lucky you are to be able to celebrare Dia de Muertos with others! Here, it is totally unknown ... Your pictures are beautiful, thanks for sharing with us. These two beautiful girls posing as Fridas are AMAZING!!! Your daughter is sweet as a candy! And your new dolls are EXTRAORDINARIAS !!! Have a great week! LuLu
wow the alter celebration is something else...!!!

Your new dolls are great I love them.
Erica Herbert said…
hey dANITA! those altars look awesome! and your daughter is ADORABLE!!! i hope all is well in your corner of the world :)
i wanted to let you know about something super-fun! i am going to be hosting "blujaystudio christmas market" ~ it will be a full blog, where we gather as artists, & SELL our goodies ~ i will set it up ~ you email me photos & details of your work to sell~ you will put a "market" button on your blog~ to send your customers there~ as well as all of the other participating artists :)
100% of your sales go to YOU ~ i only ask a print of yours as a 'trade' for hosting~ and, if you want to (optional) donate a print & the proceeds wil go to charity :) (i haven't picked which one yet)~
The market will open Nov 15th & run till Dec 31st.
Let me know if you'd like to join us!
great photos!! :)
Christine said…
Wow! You are so fortunate to live where you can attend the festivities surrounding the Dia de los Muertos! The image of the two girls is very original and I love the idea that no matter how many alters you come across each is personalized and artistic in their own way. Wonderful images!

Your dolls are awesome! And congrats on Belle Amore. Our store doesn't get any of the new Stampington publications until Thursday..I'll be sure to check it out :)
suze said…
Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…
Wow don't know the day of the dead very much, but it seems so cool! It's like a colorful Halloween :-)
HopHopJingleBoo said…
fabulous pictures ,lovely the colorful alters and the girls were perfect! I lived in Las Cruces,NM for awhile as a girl and love the Mexican culture,music,food and strong family ties that I saw but was always welcomed by the families I met...anyways, always enjoy your work and blog!
Anonymous said…

Where did you attend the Day of the Dead exhibit? I'm planning my Day of the Dead calendar for next year and want to see something fabulous like you saw. Please let me know where it was and any suggestions you may have.


Danita said…
I'm glad you liked the pictures! I wanted to take more but it was so crowded we can barely walk.

Jan, I went to an event in Juarez, Mexico but if you really want to see something great next year, go to the south, like Oaxaca or Veracruz. I've heard they still have those traditions very old fashioned and their cementeries are the best to visit in those days :)
sMacThoughts said…
Your talent is limitless!
Anonymous said…
Love, Love, Love your dolls and the new look of the blog!!The photos of the celebration are wonderful:-)
Sam I Am said…
these are just adorable danita!!! i love em!

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