Second visit to the dietitian...

I'm a little nervous... this Saturday is my second visit to the dietitian and I'm not sure If I've lost what I'm supposed to. My problem is that I get bored easily... and I don't eat many things (like cheese for example). So when they gave me the diet for last month I couldn't come up with many variations (I don't like creams either)... so at the beginning I was religious about it and lately I've been cheating a bit... for example at night I'm supposed to eat mashed veggies with protein and I'm just eating some lean ham... I don't have many options for mashed veggies (carrots, potatoes and squash it's the only thing that I could eat mashed)... I'm also supposed to eat my breakfast at 7 or 8 and I eat it at 10.... I hope that doesn't make a lot of difference. I've been exercising and drinking water.... But I'm dying for something crunchy... like some cucumbers with lemon and chili.... just thinking about them makes my mouth water.... Oh well, I need to be strong and discipline myself... and think about other stuff because this only made me think in more crunchy foods :P


58 Cherries said…
Sounds like you're having a rough time. Be sure to tell the dietitian what you don't eat so they can adjust some food choices for you.

How long before you can eat more of a normal diet? Hope things go better for you. Don't lose sight of your goal - it'll be worth it in the end, right??

Good Luck!!!!
oh you poor thing... I love crunchy foods, I can't imagine not eating any for an amount of time.

Hope it goes well on Saturday for you.

I am a crunchy fanatic which is my biggest down fall. Just stay strong and remeber why you are doing this and how good you will feel when you reach your final goal! IT WILL BE AWESOME!

Stick it out you have a lot to gain with losing ;)

mummysam said…
hang in there........I can only imagine how frustrating it can get at times!
well, if you need a distraction I couldn't resist tagging you....obviously only if you are interested. Go to my blog for the details! (by the way...the red riding hood print you sent is for my 5 year old at christmas. he has been asking about it for weeks....little does he know!)
Amy Sullivan said…
~ I bet you have done better than you think you have.
Do you like baked sweet potatoes,I love them.~
Or, there is always that Bisquick Impossible Pie Recipes, you can stick just about anything in them. Just Google Bisquick Impossible Pies, it is like a crestless quiche.
they can be quite yummy & easy.
hi danita,
if you have any interest i have an amazing recipe for pureed broccoli w/ creme fraiche??? best of luck at your appointment....
hi danita,
if you're interested i have a fabulous recipe for pureed broccoli w/ creme fraiche??? good luck at your appointment!
Yve said…
Good Luck, nothing that is worth it comes easy. Just keep that image of yourself thin in your mind, you can do it. I'm trying to motivate myself here too! :o)
Danita said…
Thanks for the support... I think you're right, nothing that is worth comes easily. I'll keep that in mind!!

Amy, thanks a lot but I'm only allowed to eat flour in the morning... and with milk :(

Beth... thanks a lot to you too but I don't like cremes hahaha see my problem? this diet would be easier for someone else but I'm so picky with food! :(
Flor Larios Art said…
Hola Danita,

I know it is very hard because I have a friend that had the same surgery. He is doing well and little by little is loosing weight. Everytime I see him he is thinner. Good luck on saturday.

Un abrazo,
I have the little ACEO card I bought from you in front of my working Art table. I keep it there for inspiration.
Christi said…
Hang in there, Danita!

I can answer your breakfast question. :) An early breakfast is important for losing weight because the sooner you eat, the sooner you "jump start" your metabolism for the day (and start burning calories). Even if it's just something very small, it's better than nothing. :)
Cris said…
Good Luck on your appointment Saturday. I'm sure you are doing well with your diet. It will get better. I love your photos of the Alter contests. That is so interesting. What a fun tradition! And so colorful!
Tammy said…
Try some Mashed Cauliflower. There are great recipes for. Keep the faith! It takes a while to get into the swing of things. Keep the art coming too, it's gorgeous!
I'm not really sure what your options are, as your diet sounds very specific...but I remember eating mashed everything after having my wisdom teeth removed...

Could you shred the cucumbers with a cheese grater? Then sprinkle them with lemon and chili?

How about a soft flaky fish with avacodo, both pretty soft?

For something sweet could you add a bit of raw honey and cinnamon to your carrots, squash, or perhaps pumpkin?

Another suggestion...try

If you go to the ingredient search, you can type in ingredients you'd like to use, and those you'd like to might give you some ideas.

Hope this helps Danita :) You seem to succeed very well as an artist,mom, and wife. I'm sure this is something you can do as well. Cheering for you!
Sabbio said…
Stay strong Danita... you'll work it out with your dietitician!
Anonymous said…
Dietary changes are so tough. I've been through them myself due to food allergies. Losing bread was like losing a friend!
You're doing an amazing job of exploring how to best care for yourself. Stay positive and encouraged because we all see you succeed.
I'd also like to share a site a from a friend of mine that helps through the tough times with food:

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