Thanks a lot!

WOW! Thanks a lot for the great response to the shop's update! Things are selling pretty quick, so if you have your eye on something, better grab it now before someone else does!

For tomorrow, Mr. Danita is listing more boxes, jewelry and a new print, you can check them out now as he's creating the listing.... I'm too shaky to do that now. After we made a late run to the Post Office (It's great that they keep a kiosk open 24 Hrs a Day!) a big SUV almost hit my little car, I'm still very scared and shaky... I Guess I better go to bed and relax, I don't think I can take more excitement for the day.

Have a great dinner tomorrow, enjoy the holiday and don't forget to drop by the shop to see what else got added during the day.

Good night!


Anonymous said…
I am glad you are ok lots of drinking on the road!

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