Today is a good day for...

Eating cucumbers!!! I'm finally eating normal again!!! I went to the doctor this Saturday and even she was surprised on how boring my diet was haha... so I'm going to eat normal with small portions again. I had hot cakes yesterday... and beef!!! I hadn't eaten beef in 2 months!!!... and today I prepared some fresh, crispy cucumbers with lemon and chili yum!!! It was a wish come true!!! Let's see how I do now that my diet has more variety... I tend to cheat when I have many options. Oh and by the way, thanks so much for all the comments and suggestions!!

Now in the artsy news. I just updated my shop with some new cool broochees. Some from my Pretty Girls series and some new circular ones... and they're all shipping for free in the US. My gift to you during this season :)

Oh and I also added a new original painting there, in case you were wondering what I've been doing (besides a secret project I'm working on that I'll show you other day).


Adriana Whitney said…
Good news Danita! your diet, your brooches and also your new painting. It is very beautiful.
I LOVE your painting for PFATT Marketplace! I have 3 girls and my 2 year old and I were born on Christmas so that was the perfect painting for me, but you sold it so fast!
Well, I congratulate you for your weigh loss, I am on the same boat and IT IS HARD! but worth it.
Love ♥♥♥
***LOVE*** the hop-scotch girl!!
ladyblackness said…
son preciosos!!1 madre miaƇ! si es que tienes una mano para esto impresionante! artistaza!!
Hola Danita! It must be so good to eat real fresh food with some lemon y chile! Good for you! I am also in the middle of a diet change, not so much to loose weight but to gain energy and be in better shape: NO sugar, NO starch, NO FAT but PLENTY of vegetables and fruits and PLENTY of protein, as much as I want to eat! I already see a major change! Your brooches are lovely and your new painting beautiful, love the choice of colors and the luminosity in the purple. Take care and have a great week! LuLu
oh, these broochees are simply unique!
I really like them!
Anonymous said…
Oooooooooooooo, I love your hopscotch girl!! So sweet in a spooky girl kinda way.

I am happy you are eating cucumbers now. I have never tried them with chili and lime. Yum.
Sabbio said…
This is really good for you Danita... I'm glad you can vary your food pleasures!
And your latest creations are sweet :)
Lenae May said…
Thanks for dropping into my blog! You have fun new stuff! As usual, wonderful color. Drop by the blog again. I talked to you about Trinkets and I just posted about the idea and have new ones.
Flor Larios Art said…
Me encantan todas tus cositas nuevas. Que lindas!
sMacThoughts said…
I have no idea when the last time I had either cucumbers OR beef, and the thought of both together right now is making me hungry. I think I should figure out what is for dinner, and put away this bag of candy in my lap.

Your new works are spectacular!!
ladyblackness said…
me encantan las preciosidades que haces con las telas.. te quedan muy lindos!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful write up on you, Danita, in one of those Somerset magazines. Congratulations. Keep up your spirit and will power regarding the dieting. I like what lulu says about eating to gain energy and be in better shape.


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