Giveaway winner!!

I think I'm late doing this, but I have a really good excuse, believe me. Half of my family spent the last 10 days here and it's been so crazy I barely have any time to come and check the computer. I have tons of things pending and I apologize for not attending them before :(

But now let's share the good news!!!... I have the winner for the giveaway and she is... (drum roll please...):

CAROLYN!!!! (Flores originals)

Carolyn, please send me your address and I'll send you your doll very soon :)

Thank you all for participating! I have lots of stuff to share with you but I have to put things in order around here first. Be well!!!!


artsy*dreams said…
CONGRATULATIONS Carolyn! Although I am a bit jealous...been crossing my fingers, toes and eyes...checking everyday...hoping the winner would be ME...boohoo!
Thanks for another fun giveaway, Danita!
Happy New Year!
Carolyn said…
Oh my gosh! I am sooo excited!! I am really honored to own a Danita doll!! I am such a huge fan of your art and I am just beside myself!! Thank you so much. I will treasure it always!!
GlorV1 said…
Its always nice to have family over. Congrats to Carolyn. Have a great week.
FishStikks said…
Congrats Carolyn!!

Hope you get everything situated soon Danita. Can't wait to see more great stuff from you soon!

Be well.
Flor Larios Art said…
Yeah! I was wondering...but it is great to have family over...
:( this is how I feel now that I know I did not win your doll. :(
Anonymous said…
I just got my computer back tonight and am sad to see I missed out, but congrats to your winner:) And horray for your beautiful article in Stuffed! I just saw it today when I took my son to B&N! I could relate to so much of what you said..wonderful:)
Sabbio said…
She is soooooooo lucky!!! Anyway, congrats Carolyn ^^
Anonymous said…
Just want to say Hi. I am a big fan of your art Danita! Hope to get to know you. Congrats to Carolyn, I am green with envy!

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