Thank you for the great advice!

I'd like to thank you all for the help you gave me with my sleepless daughter! I read very valuable advice in there! I'm going to do many of the things you said, I think she's ready to move to a big girls bed... I really appreciate you taking the time to write and give me advice :)

In other news, my parents are here! I love when they're here!! We went to the zoo the and we had a lot of fun. It's great to see my daughter with their grandparents playing like they were all kids. After that, a sweet treat makes everybody happy :)

I'm also remodeling my studio... I'm a rat pack and this place was FULL of useless things... we took about 4 big boxes of trash that was sitting here around or under the table. This place was calling for a serious clean up! I'm still in the middle of that... and I know that as soon as I get my working routine again it will again be messy... but at least it will be pretty too :)

Happy week everybody!


Sarah Siwicki said…
Your daughter is so cute :) Glad you guys all had lots of fun at the zoo!
And good luck with the purging - re-organization of your studio...

I started decluttering my studio and I've gotten rid of 4 or 5 large boxes of trash/junk/supplies too! It's amazing the things I kept "just in case". I still have one corner to do and when I finally put my Christmas Decorations in the attic, I'll actually be able to walk thru it! It is very inspiring to not have all the clutter!
artsy*dreams said…
Hi Danita...Your daughter has the sweetest face! She is such a happy little girl...You are doing a fabulous job! Good Luck in your studio makeover...I did mine a couple of weeks ago...looked so nice and now...well ART HAPPENS :)!
Would it be rude to ask for some photos of your revamped studio...I love seeing where others create!
Hi, we love your blog and would like to offer you to list it in our blog collection at
Peng Peng said…
the words "Art" and "packrat" are synonymous, yes? It's good to clean shop every so often, to find out what's lingering behind the dust bunnies, lol! What a great way to begin anew, in the new year :O)

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