Hello again! I'm back!!

It's been 8 days already! Where have I been, you wonder? Here. Haven't moved a bit. But lately I've been more of a dreamer than a doer. I have so many projects in my mind and I haven't done a thing! Well I've done little things, like new jewelry and I'm also working in some new and different dolls... but it's all been so sporadic that I don't really consider it work as I'm used to. I'm still catching up with last year stuff (yes, can you believe it?). The culprit of all this? My daughter. She refuses to nap lately. And I'm potty training her... so whenever I put her in her crib to take her nap she starts screaming that she needs to pee... and once she goes she starts scraming "I want another booootleeeeee mom!!! Fill it up!!!!!!!"... If I accept, she will request to go pee again, as she refuses to sleep with her diaper wet (Altough she doesn't mind playing Wii or watching TV with it!!). And If I don't refill it I have to hear screams and more screams. Then she will say she's hungry and she wants something to eat. Or she would simply refuse to go to sleep at all. "Me awake. Me no sleep" she says.... oh well.... I hope she goes back to her routine again or else I'd go crazy.... We have to do a lot of stuff to keep her busy and in the afternoon she's all cranky and I'm even more. Once is time for work I don't want anything but go to sleep. Any advise my experienced readers out there? I know many of you have been through this. Please help me!!!!


ladyblackness said…
me alegro de que hayas vuelto! Estais guapisimas en esa foto!!
Sabbio said…
I know what you're going through... How old is she? For me I can't always work during the day because my little ones don't usually take a rest on the afternoon :( It's sometimes easier to work late on the evening or early morning...
Maybe you could shift your work times at night or very early morning until she goes to school when you could work back during the day... this is just an idea ;)
Another idea which worked with my daughter for a while is to see if she wants to create too and let her do things like you (maybe not with all your materials if too dangerous for her) For my daughter I let her come with me on her little table and while I painted she could paint too, do like her muim ^^ So she was really calm, creative and felt we did the same thing :)
Izabela said…
I have been there twice and now I am going trough this third time, my son was really good and was sleeping very well (days and nights) but when he turned six months everything changed so suddenly, and now he is 10 and I am struggling...

but in your place I think this is just little change and she will start sleeping but you need to be consequent in explaining top her that there is a nap time and everything will be waiting for her when she wakes up - but this all is going to be harder now anyway so you better get used to her making you tired...

good, long walk before trying to put her to bed is a very good idea

take care

ps good you back again
Doda said…
I'm at the same stage with my little one. Just given up naps, and trying to interest her in a potty - my sympathies!!!
jenny elkins said…
This isn't advice as I only have a dog but an observation my 67 year old Mother made about my dear friends unpotty trained child. "Isn't it amazing these little kids can beat you at bowling on the Wii but they can't potty in the toliet!" We all laughed so hard. She is right! Good Luck to you. I know it is a hard job.
Heidi said…
I'm not sure how old your daughter is but it looks to me that she is old enough for a toddler bed. I know this can be a scary thought for a Mom. The toddler bed makes it so they can get out when needed. This is important for potty training. In the afternoon when she is cranky tell her to go lie down either on the couch or in her "big girl" bed. I don't tell my kids they have to go to sleep just that they need to go to their rooms and do something quiet. Good luck Danita!
Carolyn said…
Hello Danita, is that you in the photo? You look really great! I have 3 children. My husband and I had the first two 10 years before we got pregnant with our third. (make sense)? Ok So my son is 13, daughter 11 & Baby 2 1/2 years young. When it was time to potty train the first two I did so in one weekend. How you ask? Ok I had a friend who worked at a day care and they had to potty train kids there. Here is the trick. Take one weekend that you can be home both days. Make sure your baby has "plenty" of fluids. They will go to the restroom like clock work! I think its either every 15 minutes or 30 minutes. You'll see soon when you start. I have always been a stay at home Mom. Now that I have my 2 year old I am at home again. However, this time around I work out of my home. So I have been more lax! Nevertheless, I had my older daughter, son & husband, help me run her to the restroom. Took a couple of days but now I only use a diaper at night. She can take her naps with no diaper and she sleeps for about 2 hours! Well, I hope this helps a bit. loll Sorry for the very long comment!
Š˛ksana said…
did you try to read a book for her when she is in a bed? ´Don´t tell her "Lets go sleep" or "time to bed" but something like "lets go to the bed and read".
I don´t have any child, it´s just my thoughts:)
Good luck to you:)
Bless your heart! Both of my kids decided when they were about 18 months old that it was much more fun to stay up then take an old nap. They are now 19 and 7 and I feel like I'm 104 :]
They didn't really need naps anymore, because they wouldn't get cranky but I did! One thing I did was to close all the curtains so it's kind of dark and read a book while they were laying down. I also had a little noise maker for my daughter and it would help her sleep...the white light sound...sort of like a fan. Hang in there!
Anonymous said…
Hi Danita~
Oh I feel for you. I would like to think I am a consistent mom but when it came to my 3rd child and her sleep I was NOT and paid the price.
I have heard to put water in the bottle and then they won't want it.

What if you told your cutie pie when she WOKE up she could have a bottle or a sippy cup?
Be consistent and hang in there. I know it is so hard to hear them cry.
I think she knows what to say to escape the crib, my daughter Hope did too (she's now about to turn 10 lol)
If I think of anything else I'll share:)I'm sure others will give advice too.
LOVE your art and I'm always so impressed with how much you get accomplished!
Hi Danita,

I believe we were pregnant at the same time, so our daughters are very close in age.(2 1/2) We just finished potty training her about 2 weeks ago. (That's with no diaper overnight too.) It took about a month. We asked her to go potty on schedule, like once an hour, just to get her in the habit of stopping play, and going into the bathroom. If she produced anything, she got one M&M. (My kids really don't get candy unless they're at Grandma's, so they'll pretty much do anything for it.) Anyway, then before bed and nap, I didn't give her any drink for one hour prior. Otherwise, she actually got up in the middle of the night, and woke us up to take her to the bathroom. Plus we bought her the Dora training seat she wanted, bought the movie "Potty with Tutter" and let her pick out her own big girl undies. She is so proud of them. Hope this helps!
talitka said…
I think, the only thing you can do - is to wait and keep patience. she grows up and something is changing - that's why she behaves in this strange way. or, maybe she needs more attention, but she can't tell you about it as adults do.
hope, you'll overcome it soon!
Krissy said…
Ah, potty training...I know it well. And for the bottle, I took it from my girls when they were about 11 months cause it drove me nuts. Not sure what you are putting in the bottle, but you could let her know that she can only have water in the botte. Juice, milk and such will have to be in a cup and she may give it up. As for getting on the schedule again, unfortunately, you may have to endure a bunch of crying for a few days (be strong!). It usually only takes 3 days of this for a child to realize that Mommy is not going to give in.
Oh, it's a toughy....that whole raising kids thing! My girls are 3 and 5 and I'm always wondering, 'what the heck do I do now?'
Hang in there. It will get better.
Kingfisher Farm said…
Danita, you have gotten some good advice. I dont remember limiting Leah's drinks. When she was ready she stopped wetting her pants.She NEVER took naps, but slept all night. She was always active and I had her in dance classes at age 3 to try to keep her active and tired for bed. Walks and trips to play on the monkey bars were a daily routine as well. Good luck, it will soon be over!! Pam
artsy*dreams said…
Oh how I remember those days! My children are older now and I sometimes long for those days when they were young...thanks for reminding me of the less joyous times!
I used to teach preschool and the single most important thing to do is to be consistent...most parents didn't want to hear it, but it is what really works! Kids are so smart! If they see you waiver once..aha..they know it can happen again. No matter what you decide works best for your family is what you have to stick to...no matter how they protest and believe me they will...soon they will "get it" that mom or dad aren't going to budge so they better accept it. When my children didn't want to take naps anymore and I knew for my own sanity I needed that break time, I told them this time (mine was a hour) was for mommy and them...I got them a clock and marked how long they would be in their room so they could watch...they didn't HAVE to go to sleep but this was "our" quiet time, they could look at a book, do a puzzle etc. but they had to be in their bed and in return I found things to do so they wouldn't hear me about and knew I was also taking a quiet time too. At first of course they protested...it was a pain.. but I kept putting them back and soon it wasn't a problem...the plus side was many times they fell asleep even when they didn't "have" to! What worked for me may not work for you but the most important thing is to be consistent...once they see a chance at inconsistency they will pounce :-)
Hope this helps alittle...by the way I was at the bookstore the other day with very limited funds and I found "Stuffed"...I almost didn't get it at first because I knew it would take away from my budget...but then I thought "HEY MY GIRL DANITA'S IN THERE I HAVE TO GET IT...so we will have sloppy joes and hot dogs a couple time this week! Now to just find the time to read it!
Sorry this was so long!
Hang in there...before you know she will be a teenager and OH BOY!!!
Anonymous said…
My 3 year old daughter practically gave up her naps during the potty training phase. We have her bedroom gated off so she can't wander outside her room. I put a portable potty in her room on a pretty rubber backed bathmat. I tell her to play and read quietly for awhile and that I'll be back to check on her soon. Lately, when I return she has fallen asleep on her bed or pillows on the floor. This is a tough stage. Hang in there Danita. You are doing a great job!

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