Jewelry Sneak Peek

Hello there!

Mr. Danita here.... Danita is at the zoo with our daughter and her grandparents, so I took a chance to sneak on her computer and show a new set of jewelry she's been working on. We are going to list them on Danita's Etsy Shop Tomorrow Sat. 24th @ 2:00 PM EST, so stay tuned and grab them while they are available.

They are really beautiful, they are made using natural stone and glass beads, with beautiful settings in silver and brass and reproduction of her favorite paintings and illustrations. Also, she made some plastic charms, with original handmade illustrations in ink... One of a kind!

I you're still thinking about a valentine's gift, you can drop a hint to your loved one that you want it (wink) Scroll down to see the pics, or go to Danita's flickr photostream for the whole collection, Just don't tell her I showed them to you!

Have a great Day... See you tomorrow at the store!


Unknown said…
ooh, these are fabulous! love them all! thanks for posting them!
Lunara said…
Se ve todo muy hermoso Danita, me encanta tu nueva joyería, que se venda todo!! Besotes.
GlorV1 said…
I love the earrings.
FishStikks said…
Such wonderfulness here!
LOVE them!!:)
Tammy said…
WOW... WHERE do you find the time to create so many treasures!?
Carolyn said…
Gorgeous Jewelry!

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