Holidays are over!

I can't believe the Holidays are over already. I love that time of the year so much that I wasn't ready to let it go just yet. I'm already removing my decorations and it's kind of sad. I love the lights and the tree... maybe that's why I leave my small tree in my studio the whole year... The good news is that the next holiday has my favorite colors! Yep, Valentines day!

I change the cover in my kitchen table and the curtains every season and now I found the most lovely ones. Pink, blue and red. My new favorite combination!!! I found the fabric at Hobby Lobby last year and I made a cushion and the curtains... when I came back for more it was gone... and I haven't found more :( (Is the one with the girls in the kitchen)

I also moved around my furniture ... I kind of get bored easily and tend to change the placement of my stuff to make it look new again. It worked this time! One of my New Year's resolutions is to remove some of the clutter and try to live with what I love and get rid of the rest. So far I've disposed of approx. 6 boxes of stuff that was just there, accumulating dust and taking space.

Now I feel better living in a place with more space. I know I will never have a minimalist house. I'm a pack rat and this is the better I'll get. Besides I have a toddler and she leaves her mark anywhere.

As I was saying... she leaves a trail wherever she's been. As I was taking the pictures of one side of the room she had already taken her crayolas and coloring book and installed herself in the dining room...

But that's what homes are for right? To enjoy and actually live in them. So I will keep doing my effort to maintain it welcoming and cozy. She will do her part living in it and enjoying every room :)

I tried to do the same thing with my studio... but that's something else!!! It was great during the Holidays because I wasn't working. I rearranged lots of stuff to gain space also... but as soon as I started working everything got kind of messy again... Anyway. As I was saying, I started painting again! It's soooooo good! My hands were itching and I was getting hysterical from not being able to work! So this is the result of my first formal painting session (on Etsy if anybody is interested):

Sold :)

What do you think? So far I'm very happy with the results!!


we still have three weeks left of our holidays and it is just too hot to do anything at the moment.

I loved looking at the pictures of your home.
Maija said…
I think they are wonderful.,, and the paintbrush should be in your hands!511
Chikaboom!! said…
Beautiful paints!!
noodle and lou said…
the peeks of your home are delightful Danita:) Have a great day!
58 Cherries said…
Great pictures and the artwork is oh so cute! I agree wholeheartedly that Valentine's Day has the best colors and is a great holiday to decorate for. ;) And the fabric is so cute - wish I had some of that, too.

It is always good to try to keep the clutter down - I have a big problem with that, too. I love to collect things that make me smile and change the displays to make them look new. I need to remove my own Christmas decorations now. So sad to see them go back in their boxes again, but I know when I open them up again next year I'll enjoy them all over again anew.

Glad you are painting again. I've found little time of my own lately and can't wait to get back to it, too. It's so therapeutic! Happy New Year!!
Flor Larios Art said…
Hola Danita,
I love your house, the colors and the furniture. Seems like we have the same taste.
Beautiful paintings as always. " All you Need is Love" is my favorite.
Que bueno que ya estes pintando de nuevo.
Izabela said…
looks beautiful... I like minimalist indoors but only in catalogues - my home is as well full of cute things, books, magazines, baby toys coloured pencils and children drawings... that feels right to me...

love your work
sMacThoughts said…
You can do no wrong. And your home is lovely!
Kingfisher Farm said…
Danita your home is cheerful and inviting and I dont find too much clutter, its all organized! Pam
Michelle said…
Darling house and darling art! Hobby Lobby has great fabric sometimes!
Ibykanuby said…
OMG your work is awesome the illustrations of the little children i love it are so delicated and have an expression visual very strong congratulations
Danita, what a fun house! Oh and all those lovely prims on the couch!!! :)
Danita said…
Thank you girls! I'm happy with how it looks right now.. that's the best furniture arrangement I've made so far :)
Danette said…
I love the paintings. I am glad you wrote this post. I am constantly so frustrated walking around picking up after my girls. This is their house too after all and they should be able to use it without my stress following them around.

Happy new year.
I love your house. I need to figure out how to make time to be a homemaker and an artist. Never been much of a homemaker (I tend to get that lived in look that you talked about). I love your green walls. That use to be the color of my bedroom. bright breen and pale pink. :) then I hit it up with a rich royal purple bed spread.

Talk to you soon,

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